Red lips will forever be my personal favorite. I love pairing them with a simple OR completely smoked out eye. With my lips, red has always looked best and has always been a game changer as far as my look goes.

Check out this Kismet Cosmetics red lip in the color BURNOUT. It’s a semi-matte that is absolutely stunning. It’s all natural. Paraben-Free. Phthalate-Free. Cruelty-Free. USA Made.

A Great Nude Lippie

So, I absolutely love this nude lip. I love wearing a nude lipstick with a bold eye. I actually did that today, but have sunglasses on in this pic so you can’t see them! (Sorry).. This is a gorgeous lip color to wear in a soft look like for a wedding or honeymoon. You can also wear it for an edgier look by going extremely bold on the eyes, and balancing out with this nude lip.

Let me know what you think about this color! Shop this lipstick here: https://www.kismetcosmetics.com/shop/lips/everything-matte-liquid-lipstick-copy/ref/38/?campaign=EverythingMatteLiquidLipstick

Opulent Bronzing Lotion

To achieve this look, I used the self-tanning lotion in Dark from Loving Tan the night before. The next morning I applied the Kismet Cosmetics Opulent Bronzing Lotion all over my body. You can apply more or less, depending on the shade you are going for. This bronzing lotion creates a gorgeous, luminous glow in just 5 minutes. It creates a sun-kissed look for your date night or girls night out! This bronzing lotion is a MUST to achieve a quick tan, without the awful smell! It’s also Paraben-Free. Phthalate-Free. Cruelty-Free. USA Made.

Link:  https://www.kismetcosmetics.com/shop/body/opulent-bronzing-lotion/ref/38/?campaign=OpulentBronzingLotion

Valentine’s Date Night/Walker Makeup


It’s a HAPPY HAPPY day!

Many of you know that my husband and I have been fans of The Walking Dead since the beginning, so naturally our Valentine’s Day “date night” will consist of watching the show as well as Talking Dead after the show.  If you haven’t seen the show, which you most likely have by this point, you need to buy every season beginning with season 1 and just let that be your Valentine’s date night.

To celebrate this glorious day, I thought I would create a half Valentine’s Day date night look and half walker look!  I just felt like having a little fun and getting in the spirit.  I didn’t have fake blood, so I had to use red lipstick which made it look a little more silly than scar!  I was nervous at first that my baby boy would be scared of mommy, but he actually liked it and thought it was funny!  Once I took the makeup off, he wanted me to go put it back on!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look and Happy Walkertine’s Day to you! 😘


New Year’s Eve Glam


If you are like me, you LOVE to get dolled up!  There is no better time to go full-on GLAM than on New Year’s Eve!  When I think of NYE, I think of lights, glitter, sequins – basically any and EVERYTHING shiny!

Well, NYE is quickly approaching!  I decided to bring to you the perfect NYE outfit, makeup, and hair ideas so that you can be the princess of your NYE party!  Be a SHOW-STOPPER this NYE!

Here are the details to my NYE look:


  • Ah, the dress!  Sequins make the *perfect* party dress for NYE!  This gorgeous sequin cocktail dress came from a New Orleans, LA based boutique that I have been following for a while on Insta called Armoire Boutique!  Do you know what the best part about this dress was, it was just around $50, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for it!  Sequins are all the rave right now, so you won’t have a problem finding a sequin dress if you are thinking about going that route.  I know that online boutique, Lulus.com has several options from dresses, skirts, and pants!  Modern Vintage Boutique has options as well!  These are all some of my faves, so be sure to check them out!


  • Eyeshadow: When I do a full glam makeup look, I usually use shimmer-based eyeshadows with bold colors!  For this look, I chose the Urban Decay Vice4 palette!  These colors are bold, rich, and beautiful!  My dress had a mermaid color scheme to it, so I chose the colors Arctic, Flame, & Deadbeat from the palette to complete my look.
  • Eyelashes: I used one of my new faves from Batlash, another popular Instagram company!  These lashes are thick and gorgeous!  I have had no trouble at all using them several times.  The style I used here is “Chica”.
  • Lips: I wanted a fun “Barbie” pink lip for this look, so I chose Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in a color that I can’t find in stock anymore! You can find a similar color here.


  • Hair extensions: I started out by putting in my Bellami Hair, Bellissima 220g 22″ hair extensions in Dirty Blonde.  Note: these look darker on the computer screen than they do in real life!  I consider my blonde hair pretty light even though I keep low lights in it most of the time and they fit PERFECTLY!  These are AMAZING!  I literally wear them anytime I want to achieve the perfect mermaid hair!
  • Mermaid curls… Ladies, you have GOT to check out the company Xtava! They have a 5-in-1 curling iron that is to die for!  I am going to do a tutorial soon *promise* on how to use this product.  You can find them on Amazon and on their XTAVA website!
  • The braid: A little braid can go a long way when you’re wanting to go glam (and look like you know how to style hair)!  All I did was part my hair to the side that had the most volume that day, braid the front into a Dutch braid, then bobby pinned everything behind my ears!  Here is an old tutorial of mine where I did a front row Dutch braid: https://youtu.be/g6fGnIV4y5I

I hope this gave you a few ideas for your own NYE Glam look!  Here is a fun little video from Cork’s & Cattle in Enterprise, AL where I was able to get a few shots of my own look!  Enjoy!


Go-To Cat Woman Halloween Costume



Spooky enough for you?  Happy Halloween ladies!  Or soon-to-be…

I wanted to put together an outfit, hair and makeup tutorial for you ladies that may be in a bind to find a last minute Halloween costume.  I am cat woman for Halloween A LOT.  Why?  Well, it’s cheap, sexy, and EASY to do!  Did I go and purchase a $50 cat woman costume?  No, why would I do that?  Cat woman is easy.  Liquid leggings, leather, and high heels are IN right now so throwing together a last minute cat woman costume is about as easy as it gets.  Here is what mine consists of…

  • Cat woman ears plus mask
  • Liquid leggings
  • Leather peplum top
  • Black high heels
  • A sleek hairstyle and cute braid
  • Dark Makeup

Now that you know what my costume looks like, how about a hair tutorial?  Check out this YouTube video below.

I wanted this hairstyle to be sleek, which is why I wanted it straight.  I now have Bellami Hair Extensions that are SUPER long so I did end up curling the bottom of the hair so that my natural hair blended well.  I pulled back the front in a sleek style and pinned it underneath the chunk of hair that I teased then put into a fishtail braid.  Of course I had to include a braid in my cat woman hairstyle!  Now on to makeup…

I recently learned how to do somewhat of a Smokey eye that I am extremely pleased with.  I also learned that I can use this same technique with different eyeshadow shades and end up with a gorgeous look.  This is an easy look because I literally used a total of 5 eyeshadow/liner products on my eyes.  The key is to blend, blend, blend.  Blend until your eyelid hurts because if you don’t, you WILL look like you have a black eye.  Honestly, this look stays pretty ugly until I get a full face of makeup on.   I start out the YouTube video below with a completely clean face.  I never apply my foundation, concealer, or anything else until I finish my eyes because of the fall-out of the eyeshadow.  Here are the steps below so that you can skip around the video instead of watching every step.

  1. Eye primer – This step isn’t included in my video, but I used a primer from Urban Decay Cosmetics.
  2. I put tape on the sides of my eyes to help me achieve a more dramatic look.
  3. Apply an eyeshadow that is around the same color as your skin over the primer.  I learned this from “Batalash Beauty”.  It helps smooth out the primer to give a nice, clean slate to start.
  4. Start with a transition color in your crease.  I started with a brownish/orange color.  For a blacked out Smokey look, I transition from browns to black.  I am using the Morphed 35N palette for this entire look.
  5. Next, I used a brown transition color a little beneath the orange and piled it on in the outer corner of my eye.
  6. I then took a black Urban Decay pencil and (sloppily) applied this to my upper lash-line.  I blend that color upward toward my crease.  Blend, Blend, Blend!
  7. Take a black shadow and blend all over the lid focusing heavily on the outer corners.
  8. Line the lower waterline of the eye and smudge down and out.
  9. With your smudge brush, take a brown shadow and smudge and blend along the lower lash-line.
  10. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on top of eyelid.
  11. Apply a highlight to upper brow and inner corners of eyes.
  12. Apply mascara and lashes and your done!

You can get a better idea of what I am doing in my YouTube video.  I don’t have a full face of makeup until the very end, which kind of pulls the whole thing together! It’s over 8 minutes long, so skip around and hopefully you can learn.



Hopefully you learned something that you can try on your own today. I promise, at some point I will invest in a better camera so that my tutorials will be higher quality. One day, one day. =)

I hope you all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! Muah!

Alabama – Where You Can Go To Get Gorgeous



Can we just start out with the fact that I finally have my computer back (Hallelujah)!  MOVING ON…

I had a fashion/fitness photoshoot last week with professional fashion/commercial photographer, Toni Riales Photography, located in Mobile, AL.  Toni is AHHH-MAZING and I will soon have a post dedicated to her and my makeup artist, Alexandrea West.  You guys, I’m not going to just blog about anyone and any product.  If I don’t like it, why waste my time unless a group of people actually want a review on it.  So, until then, please do yourself a favor and click on their links that I have provided within this text and at the bottom of this post to see their work.  If you are a working or aspiring actress, model, blogger, heck even an insurance agent; Toni and Alexandrea can have you looking like a celebrity.  Not even kidding.  However, we will come back another time in the near future.

I want to talk a little about what I did to prep myself for my photo shoot.  Aside from drinking gallons of water (which is pretty typical for me anyhow), taking care of my skin and hair, working out, eating healthy, and shopping (!!!), I knew I didn’t need to forget my tan.  No, not a tanning bed tan.  If you do go to the tanning bed just stop now.  Save yourself!  No, really.  Not only did I need a beautiful glow, I needed an EVEN tan because well, part of my photo shoot was in a bathing suit and you will be able to see about 80% of my skin.  A long time ago I stopped going to a machine to get sprayed because I always felt the color didn’t last, it wasn’t the prettiest color, and most importantly it was rarely 100% even on my body.  It was never even enough for me to feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in if you know what I mean.  All of this to say I called this lovely higher-end, luxury skin spa that I had used in the past here in Enterprise, Al – LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa.

I have met and spoken with the owner, Kalina (who is strikingly gorgeous BY THE WAY), several times in my community and had previously gotten a spray tan before.  That first tan was the most gorgeous tan I ever had, so I knew I needed to contact her about concocting something for my photo shoot that would looking pleasing on camera.  LUXE uses Fantasy Tan, which in my opinion is the most gorgeous spray tan out there.  Kalina uses one machine to spray the body and a totally separate machine to spray hands, feet, and face for an even and beautiful looking tan.  We spoke about my photo shoot and she also wanting to get me in to do a facial.  Of course I was absolutely ecstatic!  Can I just humbly say that my face and the color of my body looked 100% camera-ready on the day of my shoot thanks to Kalina and LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa.


Ladies, if you live in Alabama around the Dothan/Enterprise area, or are just coming through town, do yourself a favor and stop by the most fabulous luxury skin spa there is.  LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa provides:

  • Specialty facials
  • Chemical peels
  • Derma-Planing
  • Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand/Foot Treatment
  • Waxing of all types
  • Massages (Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone)
  • Professional Makeup Application
  • Spa Packages
  • Private Spa Parties
  • Now offers hair services

Kalina, owner of LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa, has a nursing degree, business degree from Harvard, AND is one fabulous esthetician who has definitely found her niche in making other women look and feel absolutely STUNNING!  If you are looking to try new professional skin care or a new brand of makeup, LUXE carries:

I had the privilege of trying each of these products and they may very well become a staple in my skincare/makeup routine.

Very soon, I am scheduling another photo shoot with Toni Riales Photography for my headshot.  Not to try and become a model (I’m too old to just be getting into that), or an actor, but to send it off to attempt to become a walker on The Walking Dead!  Yes, becoming a walker would absolutely help complete me haha!  Anyway, before I do that I am definitely coming back to Kalina with LUXE to help beautify me again.  Please visit the links I have listed below for LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa, Toni Riales Photography, and Alexandrea West Makeup Artist.  You won’t be sorry!

LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa Facebook

Luxe Airbrush Skin Spa Website

Toni Riales Photography

Toni Riales Photography Facebook

Alexandrea West Website

Alexandrea West Facebook



It’s My Fave Time Of Year!


It’s the first official day of fall so I absolutely had to do this post! Yes, here in Alabama we are still experiencing the suffocating 90 degree heat, but there are obvious signs that fall is here (or coming at least).  The afternoons are cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn, and the stores are filled with the most gorgeous fall apparel out there!  Oh and of course – the “PSL” has made its’ appearance!  You know, the Pumpkin Spice Latte that nobody in their right mind would do without this time of year.   Ahh… freaking love it.  So now I am going to list the details of what is helping me complete the perfect fall “look”!  Here we go…

Skin: To keep your skin from drying out as the weather gets cooler…

This time of year, my skin always starts to dry out.  My knuckles crack and my cheeks start to peel.  I have recently  found the most amazing product that I swear by.  I use the Light 100% Argan Oil, Tinted Moisturizer, & Hydrating Milk by Josie Maran.  I use this at night and during the day.  You can find these products at Sephora.  Try them out.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  This post isn’t necessarily about my skin, but a clean, fresh look always looks best when the base of your look is healthy and glowing.  What is that you say?  Your skin!

My Makeup

Many of you that follow me know that I have a new foundation OBSESSION with Ashley Sievert Beauty’s foundation.  Y’all, seriously… you don’t even need moisturizer OR primer underneath it.  If you skin is ridiculously dry, I recommend the Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Tinted Moisturizer.  Back to the foundation… So you can purchase her brush to apply it.  The foundation has tremendous coverage and literally will make your skin look absolutely flawless.  The best part about it?  You don’t even need much at all to cover your entire face.  I think 2 pumps of the foundation is recommended and I only use one.  I purchased the foundation in “Milan” and it is beautiful.  I do blend a little bit of my dark Morphe concealer from my contour palette into the foundation to make it a tad darker.  Anyway, it’s fabulous and I don’t even really want to try anything else!  I mean, I will try other things but this is tough to beat.

I used Morphe’s 35N eye shadow palette which I am obsessed with!  There are some beautiful colors for fall in this palette that I believe you will all love!

On my lips I used something I purchased at Wal-Mart!  Elf Cosmetics has a beautiful lipstick pen in the color “Wine” that is drop dead gorgeous for fall.  If you love a bold lip, this will do the trick!

“The Braid”

I purchased this hat and knew I HAD to do a braid with it.  I’m obsessed with this hat and will give you the deets on where it came from below.  This is a wool hat – very trendy right now – that looks fabulous with all different styles of hair.  Up, down, long, short… You name it, it probably looks good.  So I wanted a simple side braid with hair in the front to frame my face.  All I did was start with a basic 3-strand braid half way down into a fishtail.  I pulled A LOT of hair out in the front and curled it quickly around a curling iron.  After I finished the braid, I pulled it apart (of course) to make it big!  Anyway, that’s it! Simple simple.

The Outfit

I live in a small town in Alabama with the most adorable boutique located in our little downtown area.  The name is “You Nique Boutique”.  This store was the first place I shopped at when we moved here a year and a half ago, and I still love to shop there when I’m not shopping online at some of my other faves.

I drive by the store almost every day and once I saw this dress with this hat on a mannequin in their window, I knew I had to have it!  So here we are.  You can find them on Facebook: You Nique Boutique or on Instagram @ayouniqueboutique =).  Check them out!

IMG_7213 IMG_7276

This Makeup is HAWT!


Ya’ll! I feel like I would be doing all of you a disservice if I didn’t tell you about a new foundation that I have been using the mess out of lately. Again, not affiliated with the product, I just use it and ❤ it so much. That’s why I’m here right? To make you aware of some phenomenal products out there that you may not have heard about otherwise! Have you heard of @ashleysievertbeauty ? If not, thank me now! She is a MUA out of NOLA and she has her own freaking amazing makeup line that you have got to try. Follow her on insta and purchase her tester pack to match your color. You don’t have to wear primer or moisturizer underneath this flawless velvety foundation! It’s the best thing ever. You will see!
🔥I know. This dress is sick right?🔥 Thats because it’s from an awesome online boutique with an awesome owner. ✌ @shopconfettinola 😍 ‪#‎stunninglysouthern‬ ‪#‎makeup‬ ‪#‎boutique‬ ‪#‎fashion‬ ‪#‎youcanthankmenow‬ ‪#‎ashleysievertbeauty‬ ‪#‎shopconfettinola‬

http://shop.ashleysievert.com/ <<<<Makeup
http://www.shopconfettinola.com/ <<<<< Boutique


My Favorite Foundation

Foundation, makeup, makeup tips, beauty, beauty blog

This post has been a long time coming! I am not a girl who was naturally born with a pretty complexion, but I must say, my foundation does help me look like I have one!  I have been on the hunt to find a foundation that evens out my skin tone, covers dark circles and sun spots, and helps me look less wrinkly.  I haven’t tried every foundation out there, but I have tried plenty to know that I wanted something with more coverage than Bare Minerals, but didn’t look cakey on my face.  I will add that I am not at all opposed to trying new foundation products in the future, but for now I just can’t seem to find something that I like better than the one I am about to describe to you.

Last summer, I came across a foundation called “Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation” by Femme Couture at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  I have never said that I am using the perfect foundation before, but I know that I am now.  This foundation moisturizes, primes, perfects, and leaves a matte finish on my skin.  It literally gives my skin a doll-like appearance.  Let me tell you, ever since I began using this product women are constantly asking me what skincare and makeup I use.  I am not getting these questions because my actual skin is pretty, I am getting them because my foundation makes it appear to be pretty.  It’s all an illusion! Ha.  No but seriously, it really does make me feel like I have pretty skin for the first time ever.  This foundation provides the best coverage I have ever noticed in a product before and I can’t deny that one bit.  I do use separate products for contouring or bronzing, but most of the time even when I plan on doing a contour, I use a little of this foundation as a base.  Do you want to know the best thing about this foundation?  It’s under $10.  You are not breaking the bank to at least give it a try.

If you decide to use it, please comment on this post and let me know how you liked it!  There are so many deals going on at Sally’s right now.  Spring is the season for bright, pretty nails right?  Well, if you shop here, you can buy 2, get 1 free on polish!

To find the Femme Couture foundation, click here, or on the picture below.
Femme Couture Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation Light Medium