Feeling Your Best In 2016


The year is now 2016!  Can you believe that?  Aside from the fact that I officially feel old as dirt now that I am over 10 years graduated from high school, and I’m also officially in the year that I turn 30, I’m pretty excited about this year!  There is something about January 1 that literally brings life to me every single time!  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the calendar literally starting over again that makes me feel as though I have some sort of fresh start.  Anyway, that may all sound silly but I like to have an “official” fresh start every now and then.

I can see all over social media that the *New Year’s Resolutions* are now in full swing.  You know what, I think it’s great.  People make fun of other people for making them, but I think everyone needs some kind of goal.  If it takes the calendar rolling over to January 1 to force people to set their sights high, let it happen all day long!  Like I have mentioned in the past, I set a fitness goal for myself my sophomore year in high school and have stuck with it ever since then.  Needless to say, I have pretty much been a fitness junkie the majority of my life.  Because being healthy has been such a big part of my life and I have personally witnessed the benefits of it, I would love nothing more than to see the entire human population change their own lives around!  If more people were healthy, I truly believe the world would be a better place…TRULY!

With all of that being said, if you’re new year’s resolution involved becoming a healthier individual, try allowing these simple tips below guide you along the way.


  • The only thing worse that letting yourself completely go by eating and drinking everything without exercising is doing the opposite – starving yourself to look like the photoshopped version of that Victoria’s Secret model in your catalog on your kitchen counter.  If you have seen what anorexia leads to, you know it’s not pretty.  Anorexia leads to hair loss, organ failure, and the list goes on.  I had to learn a long time ago that my body is not ever going to be exactly like everyone else’s.  There are people out there that will have narrower shoulders than you, a smaller waist, a thigh gap and they eat like a horse!  It’s genetics!  This is just one of those things that we women get caught up in and it does nothing but bring disappointment.
  • It’s not about seeing how skinny you can get.  That is an unhealthy mindset to have.  It is about being the healthiest you can be *in your own skin*.  God made you GORGEOUS in your own way and he made you just the way he wanted you to be.  Take that into consideration when you start to freak out that your waist isn’t 23″ around, but your best friend’s is.


  • I despise the word “diet” more than anything in the world.  Why?  Because they don’t work.  You can say, “well it worked for me” all you want, but did you eventually go on another “diet” within a few years after your first one?  Once you hit your goal, which by the way most likely revolved around #1 on my list, did you gain 5 pounds or more within the year and a half following your diet?  Yeah, see, diets aren’t how you change your lifestyle, they get you “skinny” quick.  You end up gaining it back (usually pretty easily) and have to put yourself back on another one to lose the extra fat you packed on from your diet.  Do you know someone like this?  I know a few.  Perpetual dieters that fluctuate their entire lives with their weight.
  • Instead of trying a diet where you cut out carbs or whatever it is that you cut out, try to exhibit self-control.  A well-balanced diet is always healthiest.  Well-balanced means a little of each food group.  It is even OK to eat junk food occasionally!  I’ll go ahead and tell you because I’m not ashamed.  I am 5’7-5’8 and 120 lbs.  I have been between 118-122 literally since high school.  The only time I was heavier was when I was pregnant with my 2 year old.  I actually have to try to stay above 120 lbs because anything less is considered “underweight” for a girl my height.  Do I diet?  Heck no!  I eat pretty much everything.  I try to cook healthy, but I also allow myself burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, and Mexican food on a weekly basis.  I try not to eat bad every meal, but you can bet your bottom dollar I have at least one “cheat” food every day.  It’s not genetics either.  There was a point in my life before I started working out that I would average about 125 -128 lbs.  Incorporating a fitness routine and healthier food options into my life helped me get to be the healthiest I can be.


  • I’m sorry, but you gotta do it!  If you don’t incorporate some sort of fitness routine into your life, you will never be the healthiest you can be.  Exercise helps you feel better about yourself!  People that workout are happier, they have better cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI… ya’ll the list goes on.
  • If you like working out with other people, try a group class!  There are endless classes out there that will knock you into shape.  If you enjoy working out with other people I would go this route instead of just hitting the gym with a friend because most likely you and your friend won’t get too much done without some guidance.
  • Try a Beachbody fitness program!  Yes, I am a Beachbody coach!  Somehow, I still have friends and family members that don’t realize this.  Beats me!  Beachbody fitness programs have literally allowed me to transform my body into exactly what I wanted.  Not to mention, they are fun!  There is even a program for pregnant women that is amazing!  If you are interested in trying a program, ask me anything you want about them because I have dabbed a little in each of them.
  • Like I said, just do something.  15 minutes of walking is better than sitting on your couch being a couch potato!
  • This is huge!  Don’t stay up any later than you have to.  Just don’t do that to your body.  You need your 8 hours of sleep.  Your BODY needs it.  People that go to bed at a decent hour and get 8 hours of sleep are most definitely healthier and happier.  If this is something that you have trouble with, do everything in your power to change it!


  • Make time out of your day for God and for your family.  Your family is there to support you.  Don’t be so busy that you forget to include them.  When you are home, BE WITH your husband or wife and your kids.  Get off of your phone.  I have had to tell myself that lately which is why I haven’t posted as much.  Your family is there for you when nobody else will be.  Love them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and most importantly, I hope that 2016 blesses you with endless JOY!



Runway Ready – Day 1 “Legs For Days”


Here is our Legs for days workout…
•20 Goblet squats *Using light free weights!*
•10 Step up & knee up *Each leg, using a chair!*
•10 Long jump squats *Jumping as far as you can, landing in a squat!*
•10 Round the world squat kicks *Each leg!*
•15 Burpees
•1 minute of rear leg raise lunges *Holding light free weights!*
•30 seconds of jumping jacks

CONGRATULATIONS you just completed day 1 of our Runway Ready workout!!! You’re 1 step closer to looking and feeling angelic for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!!



Toni Riales


IMG_0931 (1)


I wanted to take a beauty-related post and give a shout out to the gorgeous lady up top!  Toni Riales is so remarkably talented in the sense that she can take an idea from her clients and turn it into more than you could have ever imagined!  Toni specializes in fashion/commercial photography, but also works with other professionals in the business world who may need polished and professional images to use for their advertising, website, and personal needs.  She is located in Mobile, AL, but is available to travel to work with clients and agencies in any other market.  If you need professional, creative, or unique pictures for your business website, actor/model headshots, or just for your personal needs, Studio TRP should be your first stop.  I know I will be going back!

We took over 400 pictures in 4 hours with 3 different makeup looks but I figured I would just stick a few in here to give you a sample of Toni’s work!  For more stunning samples of her work, head on over to her website, Instagram, and Facebook to see more of her work.

Photographer: Toni Riales

MUA: Alexandrea West


IMG_0923 (1)









Sideways French Twist + A Thought For Today

french twist 2 french twist

Hey Ladies!  I figured I would add something positive to the internet world today by adding a cute little hair tutorial for you beautiful ladies to try out.  At the end of this tutorial, I’ll add my little thought of the day on…you guessed it… Ashley Madison.  If you want to skip my thoughts on that dreaded topic, go right ahead and end your read at my YouTube video of my tutorial.  Oh and thank you “MCTY” for my fabulous top. You know who you are ;).  Enjoy!

Side French Ponytail – (If you know of a way to make my YouTube videos clearer, please let me know.  I have been taking them on my phone which is probably the problem, but if there is something I can do on the YouTube side – would love to know!)

This style is excellent for unwashed hair!  Here are the steps!

  1. Put dry shampoo in your hair then curl with a curling iron on lowest heat.
  2. Take all of your hair to one side of your head and tie off with a ponytail holder.
  3. Open up your hair above the ponytail holder and put the hair on the bottom over and bring through.
  4. Pull ponytail holder tight, then pull apart the hair in the twist.
  5. Pull out all of the pieces that you want and your done!

My Thought of the Day on Ashley Madison

Those of you that know me, know that one of my worst fears aside from something happening to my child or husband is being married with kids and being cheated on.  I’m sure many married men and women can relate.  Because of that fear for myself, the events that have happened due to the Ashley Madison hack have been heavy on my mind and my heart.  I am one of those individuals that will hear about something terribly tragic and it will literally keep me up at night.  Some of these things include: people I know or know of dying, cancer, wars overseas, politics, even thinking about countries that hate Americans keep me up at night!  I get caught up in the emotion of what other people are going through and feel, while imagining what I would feel in each of those situations and it ends up weighing so heavily on my heart.

My initial thought when my husband told me about the hack was, “Good!  That’s exactly what those idiots deserve!”.  After I lovingly asked my husband if he was on this list because I could now easily find it if he was, I pulled up the released list for myself and began to aimlessly scroll through it.  It only took seeing one name I so much as recognized (don’t even know personally) and knew they had a wife and kids to literally make my heart palpitate and make my stomach churn.  My initial actions to the Ashley Madison hack were knee-jerk reactions to the situation without thinking in depth about the future outcomes of it.

Let me go ahead and make myself clear.  Do I for one second feel sorry for those individuals who were stupid enough to sign up for a service such as this?  NO.  I would like to think divorce is off the table in a marriage, but why an individual can’t simply ask for a divorce if he or she wants it instead of going behind their spouse’s back, cheating, and taking their disgusting germs back to their spouse is beyond me.  (Yes, germs disgust me and I wash my hands like a doctor).  So in one way am I happy these people were caught?  Well, for their spouse’s sake, yes.  Do I think it’s ok for people all over social media to be making a game out of catching names on the list they recognize?  NO.  NO.  NO!

I looked at my child today and thought to myself, “There is another baby boy or girl out there who’s whole world is about to be turned upside down and inside out because of this”.  Not only that, there are men and women who are having to find out about this from a published list.  Their entire worlds coming crashing down before their eyes, and there are actually people out there making a game and a joke about this.  I would love to ask those people who are posting these lists everywhere one question.  Is there a list out there that if it was hacked could bring your entire world upside down?

A friend from college shared on Facebook yesterday afternoon very insightfully said, “We all have our Ashley Madison’s.  Be careful when casting your stone from your glass house”.  She’s right – we all do.  Whether it’s lying, stealing, alcoholism, drug addiction, hate, porn, envy, lust, etc… Everyone has something.  There are people committing suicide over this – families breaking, kids about to have to split households…  What we SHOULD be doing instead of posting these lists everywhere and getting excited about “catching” someone you know on it is praying for these people on the list, AND those who have a spouse on there.  Pray for those people on that list and give them an opportunity to turn their lives around instead of making them dread the rest of their life.

***Whitney’s thought of the day is done.  Be kind.  Use your brain.  Worry about yourself.  Peace.***

On another note, how awesome was the Fear The Walking Dead premier last night? OMG =) !!!


This Makeup is HAWT!


Ya’ll! I feel like I would be doing all of you a disservice if I didn’t tell you about a new foundation that I have been using the mess out of lately. Again, not affiliated with the product, I just use it and ❤ it so much. That’s why I’m here right? To make you aware of some phenomenal products out there that you may not have heard about otherwise! Have you heard of @ashleysievertbeauty ? If not, thank me now! She is a MUA out of NOLA and she has her own freaking amazing makeup line that you have got to try. Follow her on insta and purchase her tester pack to match your color. You don’t have to wear primer or moisturizer underneath this flawless velvety foundation! It’s the best thing ever. You will see!
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http://shop.ashleysievert.com/ <<<<Makeup
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Beachbody Programs


I am posting this today because I was told recently by some close and very supportive family members of mine that they did not even realize they could purchase these Beachbody programs from me and that I could be their coach.  It came up because my family member was wanting to purchase P90X3 because he saw what it was doing for my husband and I.  He was about to purchase the program on Amazon until I informed him that I sold this product to the public!  So, in case you think I’m just here posting for my health (lol) I’m here to tell you YES, you can purchase Beachbody programs through me!  I am so excited to be able to help women get in shape, tone up, and begin their own journey toward a healthy lifestyle.  Too often we discourage other women from becoming the best version of themself.  Women tend to easily turn to jealously and hatred toward other women instead of building them up which is so sad to me!  I love my job because I have the OPPORTUNITY to help women through encouragement on a daily basis.  I am thrilled to death to see someone in my program succeed whether it’s through learning how to eat the RIGHT way, or through losing those 10 pounds from hard work and dedication.  Some of our most popular Beachbody programs include: 21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity, PiYO, TurboFire, etc! You can also purchase my FAVORITE all-natural meal/snack replacement from me called Shakeology! Guess what? If you do purchase these programs through me, you are added into my online support group where you are 100% held accountable to completing the program in which you purchased.  You do not get this type of support everywhere.  Myself, along with 2 other Beachbody coaches help you create grocery lists, recipes, and meal plans to fit the program that you are on. We also see to it that you are fitting in your 30 min/day to workout because guess what? If you don’t give your program your all, you won’t see the results that you want.

Like many of you know, I have been a runner for 10+ years. I ran 5-6 days a week, every week, for over 10 years now. Even with all of that running, I still never had the tone that I always wanted until I started these Beachbody programs that I am ALWAYS writing about on social media. These days, I only run 1 day a week and I only workout at a max of 4 days/wk. Some weeks I only workout 3 days.  These programs are the epitome of incorporating healthy eating along with exercise – AKA losing weight and toning up the RIGHT way! Like I have mentioned before in my blog posts, you can spend money on all of the bells and whistles you deem necessary to lose weight, but with a Beachbody program and me as your coach, a healthy diet and exercise is all you need. If you aren’t changing your diet for the better and exercising, you will never stay at a healthy weight regardless of what it is you are currently doing to lose weight. By the way, starving yourself to lose weight is the absolute worst thing you can do for you body and if you are doing that to try and lose weight, you need to count on it piling right back on the second you begin to eat again.

SO, if you are a new mom trying to lose weight and tone up after having your baby, or simply a person wanting to begin their own healthy journey, let me help!  If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to ask!  Here is a link to my Beachbody website where you can find out more information on what programs we offer. – https://www.teambeachbody.com/checkout/-/bbcheckout/challengepack

My Biggest and Best Hair Secret


Hair Extentions: Sally’s Beauty Supply

So… Do you know what it is?  Those that know me well know, those that ask know, professionals probably know, but do you?  Is my hair REALLY that long and thick?  Heck no!  I wish.  If this is a shock to you that I wear hair extensions…sorry!  Almost every girl does something to enhance at least one feature on their body.  Makeup to enhance facial features, eyelash extensions, Botox to hide fine lines and wrinkles, boob jobs… I get hair extensions!  I mean, I love trying different hairstyles on my hair as well as on others so, naturally, if my hair isn’t as long as I want it for certain styles or looks I am going for I’m going to use extensions!  I got some last October and have been hooked ever since.  My hair is not short by any means, but they help my braids become longer and fuller, and I sometimes just like the look of super long hairstyles!

My hair has never been as long as I wanted it to be because I always get bored with it after a while and cut it off to match the latest short style that’s “in” at the moment.  This has actually been the longest that I have been without chopping off my locks in a while, but it’s still not as long as I want it to be.  I always thought that I needed to get a good trim every 10 weeks to keep my hair healthy, so that is what I have always done.  Trimming that often may be a good idea for those who wash their hair every day, blow dry, curl, straighten… whatever!  However, those that don’t damage their hair to that extent do not necessarily need to trim that often!  I haven’t gotten a trim since October and my hair is still good to go.  My tips are: eat healthy, drink water, take your vitamins, don’t wash your hair every day, and DEEP CONDITION LADIES.

Tips for applying and using your hair extensions:

1. They usually blend better with wavy or curled hair.  You can also straighten, just make sure you put them in PERFECTLY and that the color matches your own color exactly.

2. Use the two smaller wefts on the bottom of your head and the two bigger wefts near the top.

3. Don’t wash them often.  When you do wash them, let them air dry.

4. You can use curling irons and straighteners on them, but don’t use the highest heat.

5. Don’t brush them out with anything other than a hair extension brush.  You can find one here.

I use the 18 in. Remy Straight Clip-In extensions in Cool Blonde at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  They blend so well with my highlights!

***Starting tomorrow, if you decide you want to try some out you can get 20% off using PROMO code: 555377 on ONLINE ORDERS ONLY. You must use this link for the code to work: http://www.sallybeauty.com/online-offer/save-20-percent,default,pg.html ***

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask!  Get you some extensions and HAVE FUN!

New Ab Routine!

ab workout, core, fitness, fitness goals, diet, exercise

Hey gorgeous ladies!  I’m writing to share with you a little bit of info about a new ab workout that I just started today.  I apologize for my attire in these videos ha!  I seriously need to purchase more workout attire since I am doing so many videos!

Yes, I am going to continue the one that I was previously doing, I’m just adding this one in the mix.  Let me start by saying that you do NOT need to be doing ab workouts everyday.  I usually go two days in between, and I think even that may be a little too often.  You have got to give your body time to recover after you break down your muscles like you do in these exercises – ESPECIALLY after the workouts that I am doing.  These are condensed, 15 minute ab workouts that I am currently doing to get the results that I have gotten.  I also want to say that to get results like these, you have got to work.  I am not going to sit here and sugarcoat it for you.  There is no “magic” shake, tea, or pill that is going to give you tone and muscle in your body.  On top of that, physical exercise will help improve cardiovascular function, which helps improve all systems in your body.  Your systems work together, so improving one will help improve all.  So if you are looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight I am here to tell you that if you do lose the weight at all, it will not stay off!  You WILL gain it back whether it be one month down the road or two years.  To see similar results or just to see the results you want, you have to sweat.  You have to work.  You MUST inconvenience yourself and take a few minutes out of each day to spend on your body and mind.  I know it’s hard to find time.  I have a flexible job now (feel free to ask me about it if you want), but it wasn’t always that way!  With a newborn, I worked 8-5 everyday but guess what, I got my butt up early in the mornings and spent 30 minutes on my body each and every day!  That helped me lose the baby weight and bounce back just like I wanted to.

Here is a little info about these 2 exercises!  I explained what plank/sphinx workouts were yesterday.  There are endless ways to do these workouts!  In these videos, I again, am in the sphinx position.  In the top video, I put myself into sphinx with my forearms directly below my shoulders.  Yes, I could work on my form but I just discovered these moves not too long ago so I will get there!  Once in sphinx, I take my right leg and bring my knee as close to my elbow as possible.  I then hold it there for a few seconds and bring it back behind my body.  I repeat this move on the left side.  In the program I am doing, we hold each move a little longer and do a LOT more of these.  I have condensed it for the purpose of quickly showing you HOW to do them.  In the bottom video I begin in sphinx.  I bounce my feet up as close as I can toward my arms 3 times, then bounce all the way back into sphinx.  Tip: engage your core best you can on each move, especially while in sphinx position.  What does that feel like you say?  Well, it feels like you are pushing your tummy together into a knot almost!  It makes it hurt, but it makes it TIGHT.

My abs are now right where I want them.  Yes, they fluctuate a little if I have eaten a big meal or have had a beer, but all-in-all they are there.  Want to know how quickly I got them there? 3 months.  That being said, I eat fairly healthy, I drink water, and I workout.  However, I started working on my abs 3 months ago and I am now where I want to be.  You can get there too, you just need to work.  You need to find a fitness program or exercise that you love and is fun for you.  No, it may not be fun right while you are doing it, but if you say “I’m really glad I did that!” after it’s done you have found it.  If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to email me at stunninglysouthern@gmail.com or message me on Instagram, Facebook, or my blog!

To find out more about my program, click here.

Front Row Dutch Braid Tutorial

Hi everyone!  This is the Front Row Dutch Braid that I love and wear all of the time.  If you learned how to do the Dutch Braid (side strands UNDERNEATH the center strand instead of over like in the French), then you will find this one pretty simple.  This is a very pretty braid for when you are wanting to dress up your look a little bit!  You can do it several different ways, but here is how I did this one…

**Tip: It’s very important to angle the braid downward the entire time to keep it on your hairline.**


1. Start by grabbing a small piece of hair near your part and divide it into three sections.

2. Grab the strand of hair closest to your forehead and cross it underneath the center strand.

3. Grab the strand of hair farthest from your forehead and cross it underneath the center strand.

4. You now need to start incorporating hair from outside of the original braid.

5. Grab hair from underneath the strand closest to your forehead and incorporate it into that strand by your forehead.  Cross this piece underneath the center section.

6. Grab hair from beside the hair farthest from your forehead and incorporate it into that strand. Cross this piece underneath the center section.

7. Repeat these steps down the braid, making sure to angle downward, until you get to your ear.

8. Once at the ear, just do a simple 3 strand braid all the way down until you are out of hair.  You can pin this braid around the back of your head with a bobby pin.

**You can also do the same thing on the other side of your part to do a total front row braid look.  It’s really pretty that way as well!**

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For some of my latest looks, be sure to check out my Facebook page: Stunningly Southern, and my Instagram acct: @whitneycornett

Until next time! =)

Shakeology – The Healthiest Meal Of The Day

Shakeology, fitness, health, healthy, fitness blog, stunningly southernI have never really been a big protein shake type of person.  I never EVER would have replaced a meal with one.  I don’t know if it’s because of how often I work out mixed with my metabolism, but they just never seemed to fill me up.  I have tried a couple of different brands of protein shakes throughout the past few years because I had friends that wanted me to purchase them, but was never fully satisfied and eventually discontinued the product.

I decided to become a BeachBody coach because I have always been passionate about fitness and health, and have used the BeachBody fitness programs for years.  I felt like I had become a product of these programs and I wanted others hear about them and be able to benefit from them like my husband and I have.  I had always heard about the Shakeology products through Tony Horton’s P90X programs, so I decided to go ahead and give them a try.  I have always been a skeptical person about what I put in my body.  I don’t even take a lot of medicine unless I absolutely HAVE to.  I mean, even after I gave birth to my firstborn son the doctors prescribed me different pain killers and I didn’t even take them!  I barely even took Ibuprofen.  I’m just SO weird about what I put in my body!  That being said, the ingredients in the shakes that other companies sell is what turned me again protein shakes to begin with.  It’s mostly synthetic ingredients that I don’t know how to pronounce or even know what they are, but I’m not even going there…

I researched Shakeology and saw that it contains more than 70 super-nutritious ingredients.  These ingredients include:

  • Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals – to help reduce hunger and food cravings.
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients – to help detoxify and protect the body against free radical damage.
  • Adaptogen Herbs – to help increase energy and combat stress.
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and Digestive Enzymes – to aid digestion and promote regularity.

You would have to purchase and eat almost $50 of produce to get the equivalent in one shake.  These shakes are delicious, and they are SAFE.  If they weren’t I wouldn’t put it in my body everyday.

I still don’t replace my meals with these shakes, because with my metabolism and energy that I burn while working out among other things, I don’t need to do that.  However, I have an unhealthy snacking problem that I have replaced with my shakes.  I tend to snack on chips and salsa, tons of cheese, and candy.  Now I have my Shakeology that I can mix with different herbs, spices, fruits, and coffee that I absolutely LOVE.  If you ever want to try these shakes as a meal replacement OR an unhealthy snack replacement, contact me.  I promise you won’t be disappointed =).

For more information on Shakeology, click here.