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2nd Trimester Workout


We all know how I feel about keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible and we know that pregnancy isn’t any different.  I’m not going to sound like a broken record about the topic during this post because, well, I just don’t have the time right now haha!  Feel free to refer back to my last fitness-related post to check out how I stay as healthy as possible while pregnant.  My main motto is to eat as healthy as you can, and make sure you stay active REGULARLY while you are pregnant.  Doing this will best benefit your baby as well as your own body during one of the most important and special times of your life.

At the bottom of this post, I am going to simply demo a few of the workouts that I have been doing during my second trimester of pregnancy.  Several people who are pregnant have asked me to tell them exactly what I am doing as far as physical activity goes and it is simple.

  1. Beachbody program Active Maternity by Autumn Calabrese which is a program included with Beachbody OnDemand.  I am a Beachbody coach and will be happy to assist you in finding a program for you.
  2. Jog 2 miles every other day outside or on the treadmill.

The Active Maternity program includes workouts for each trimester, plus a postpartum exercise.  I love Beachbody programs, and have been doing them for 6 years now so I was thrilled that they had a new program for expectant  mothers.  I am now in the 2nd Trimester workout so I alternate doing that workout with jogging.  If you are pregnant, I definitely recommend alternating SOMETHING else with this workout.  Great forms of physical activity are: yoga, jogging, running, squats, lunges, abs (yes, abs).  Or you can just do Active Maternity and get all of the above in one workout!

Now, here are a few moves from Active Maternity!  Enjoy and message me with any questions you have!


Tips on Feeling Your Best While Pregnant


Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  Fluctuating hormone levels and physical changes to the body can contribute to the highs and lows of pregnancy for most women.  Regardless of who you are or what size you were when you got pregnant, there will come a time during your pregnancy where you just feel like you need a little pick-me-up.

Personally, I been lucky with both pregnancies as far as my health and the health of my baby goes.  However, this time around I have dealt with a few more emotional issues than I did the first time around.  I can probably contribute this to being more nauseous, having to take artificial hormones for the first 8 weeks, and being way more exhausted this time around.  All-in-all I can’t complain, but I did want to let you as the reader in on what has personally worked for me to help me overcome these things.  If you are pregnant, try out some of these tips and let me know if they work for you!


Like I mentioned above, nausea and/or vomiting can be an enormous obstacle for you to overcome as an expecting mother.  What I have found to work is cold, almost frozen beverages.  Water is extremely important during pregnancy – especially your first trimester so I would put Crystal Light Pure (sweetened with Stevia aka considered safe during pregnancy) in my glass of ice water.  This allowed me to get enough fluids during the crucial first trimester.

Eat small snacks throughout the day but try to make them as healthy as possible.  Try saltine crackers, fresh fruit smoothies (I use Shakeology), and cold fruit.  It is extremely important during your first trimester to eat healthy because of the crucial development of baby.  Your baby during this time is forming his/her organs and systems that will eventually turn into a fully functional human being.  What you put into your body plays an enormous role.  Each time that I have been pregnant, I have felt like I could have done more to eat healthy during the first trimester.  I am always paranoid that something will be wrong with baby because of my “not-so-perfect” food choices due to being sick.  Proteins are KEY.  Do whatever it takes to eat healthy meals and snacks – especially during the first trimester!

Be active outside.  When nausea hit me like a freight train, all I wanted to do was get some fresh air outside.  I would go on a jog or a walk and believe it or not, this did wonders.


Fatigue is a HUGE part of why some women cut out their workouts and give up on making themselves presentable during pregnancy.  Do not let this ruin you!  On the days that I found myself almost too exhausted for even breathing, I would get my booty up and workout for 30 minutes.  I go on runs, lift light to medium weights, and do squats and lunges.  I promise you, this helps every time.  The couch may still be calling your name at 8:00 pm instead of your usual 10:30, but at least you feel better and more alert while the sun is still shining!

During the second trimester, a full belly from eating a meal will make me overly exhausted in an instant.  I have found to prevent this, eat several small meals throughout the day instead of large meals.  This will help leave some blood elsewhere instead of running to your organs to aide in digestion!


This is huge and can truly affect how you feel no matter what size you started out at.  During pregnancy, you are guaranteed to see at least a 15 lb. gain on the scale – that’s just part of it.  You will see your breasts enlarge, your stomach begin to look like you at a basketball (or beach ball lol), your hips widen, and most likely you will begin to notice your arms and legs become softer in appearance.  This is when many woman can truly begin to feel insecure and down about their appearance.  I have actually struggled more with the physical changes in my body this time around than I did with my first child.  I don’t know what the reasoning is because I’m actually in better shape this time around, but insecurity creeps up quickly these days.  Those who know me know that I am in no way an insecure person, so for my physical appearance to get me down so quickly is considered odd in my case.

Quick and embarrassing story… Most of you that follow along know that my husband and I do the Beachbody workouts.  Well, he has recently started a 90 day workout called Body Beast.  He and I were talking about this workout and how I can’t wait to do more challenging/intense workouts again.  Michael then began to tell me about how he was thinking about doing one of Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese’s workouts after he was finished with Body Beast.  This sounds ridiculous, but I immediately thought about how in shape Autumn is and how pretty she is and I IMMEDIATELY broke down in tears!  Haha y’all that is so NOT me on a regular basis.  I am usually extremely confident and don’t let silly, shallow things like this get to me!  This just goes to show you how low that some of my “lows” have been.  Don’t get me wrong, there are countless times where I feel absolutely beautiful with my new pregnant body, but thanks to hormones most likely, there are times where I am slightly more insecure about it than I used to be.

What I always try to remind myself is that I am carrying a little miracle – an actual human being that God entrusted me with.  When I remember this fact, I also remember that I must do everything in my power to create a healthy environment for this human being to grow.  That environment is my body.  Stress and unhealthy thinking don’t make for a healthy environment and that is usually all it takes for me to snap out of it.

To feel the best about your physical appearance while pregnant, simply take care of yourself.  Choose healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  It’s ok to have some comfort food every once in a while.  Afterall, you have earned it mama!  Workout your body.  Physically, this is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby.  Women who workout are shown to have healthier pregnancies.  Their babies are healthier, and they are able to bounce back more quickly after giving birth.


This will do wonders for you as a pregnant woman!  Pregnancy is not the time to let yourself go.  This is probably the most important 9 months of your life!  Get yourself together and look great while enjoying it!

During pregnancy it is so easy to let yourself go because you are tired, you don’t feel your best, your muscles and joints ache, your gaining weight, and the list goes on.  I like to make sure I get up and put at least a little bit of make up on, do something cute (but quick) with my hair, put a smile on my face, and walk around town with confidence!  Doing this wakes me up and helps me feel like I am still beautiful even though I ache all over and I have put on 10 lbs.  If you are married or in a relationship, this is especially important because after all, you have a significant other that you should still “try” for every single day of your life.  This is something that you should do regardless if you are pregnant or not!  You have a partner, you love them, you want them to think you are beautiful… act like you care about your appearance for them!  This will make you feel amazing in return, and the compliments from your partner are pretty awesome too!  I’m not saying curl your hair and look like Barbie everyday.  Nobody has time for that on an everyday basis.  There are many days where I am wearing workout clothes but I at least put some foundation, blush, lip gloss, and mascara on.  I also brush my hair and put it up in a cute ponytail!  My husband actually prefers this 9 times out of 10 anyway!  Just do it.  This will automatically help you feel like you went from a 3 to a 10 in 20 minutes.


This tip is crucial for both you and your  baby.  Think about it this way… You are growing a human being in your body, right?  What do you think that human being is being formed from?  God didn’t just put all of the right nutrients in your body to form that baby, he entrusted you to take it from there.  My point is, your baby’s body is basically being formed from what you put into your own.  Yes, the baby will draw from the good nutrients as much as they can, but you should make it much easy on them by putting healthy foods and liquids into your body throughout your entire pregnancy.

I understand cravings.  During this pregnancy, I have craved key lime pie (and I’ve had my fair share), PB & J sandwiches, and Cheez-Its like it’s my job.  I have definitely indulged in these things probably more than I should, but I also make sure that I take in way more healthy options than junk because I want my baby to be as healthy as he can be.  Too many women take this time to eat as much as they want, whatever they want, when they want it and I think it’s because they think, “Oh what the heck. I’m already gaining weight faster than I ever have before in my life.  I’ll just lose it after the baby is born.”  That thinking is wrong.  Do you know why?  It’s wrong because they are excluding the baby’s health from this way of thinking.  Now is not the time to eat whatever you want.  Now is actually the time to eat healthier than you ever have for your baby’s sake.

I like to choose options like raw veggies, steamed veggies, raw fruit, eggs, Greek yogurt, organic chicken, beans, rice, whole wheat pasta, etc…. Just to name a few.  I try to stay away from consuming pre-packaged items as much as I can.


It is so important during pregnancy to remove as much stress as possible!  If something is stressing you out, cut it out and do something for YOU.  One of the greatest ways to do this is to take time each day to enjoy something you love.  For me, these things include: going on a date with my husband, having a lunch date with MB, blogging, playing around with hair and makeup, jogging, going to the beach, or watching a marathon I love such as The Walking Dead!  Just do SOMETHING that makes you happy.  The baby will be happier and so will you.  After all, you do deserve it.


You guys are probably sick of hearing me talk about working out all of the time, but this is so important during pregnancy.  The old way of thinking is to not overdo it physically.  In fact, my poor parents are forever worried that I’m working out too much!  I have spoken to my doctor in depth about fitness and working out and I am cleared to continue on as long as I’m gaining weight appropriately and baby is healthy.  So, I workout 6 – 7 days/ week about 25 minutes per day and doing this has literally gotten me through this pregnancy with a smile on my face.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • The endorphin rush has actually been greater for me during pregnancy than when I’m not.
  • This immediately puts me in a good mood.
  • Exhaustion is decreased significantly.
  • I’m probably one of the only pregnant women not suffering from constipation at all.
  • My weight gain is right on track. (This wouldn’t be the case in a sedentary pregnant woman.)
  • I have less aches and pains.
  • My vitals have been perfect.
  • I’m more likely to birth a baby with less body fat. (We all love chunky babies, but in terms of health, babies born with less body fat are healthier.)
  • Birthing my baby will most likely be easier for me.
  • I will most likely be able to avoid a C-section.
… and the list goes on and on.
I began to get extremely long-winded as usual, so I actually had to go back and delete about 50% of what I typed!  I hope that this reaches someone who is in need of a little “boost” during their pregnancy when it comes to feeling great and being able to enjoy the pregnancy.  Pregnancy is such a special time and I feel like each woman should be able to enjoy everything it has to offer!  If you or someone you know has any questions about any of the information above or simply wants to chat about their own experience, don’t hesitate to email me at!






First Trimester Maternity Workout Routine


Hi everyone!  I have planned to do several fitness-related posts for pregnant women because I know first-hand how important it is to keep yourself in shape and healthy all throughout your pregnancy.  If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, I sincerely hope you can gain something from these!

It has been extremely difficult for me to feel great during my first trimester of this second pregnancy because of the medicine that I have been on to help me maintain my pregnancy and prevent a miscarriage.  My doctor has had me on progesterone suppositories ever since my very first doctor’s appointment and they have left me feeling like a hot mess!  Side effects of this medicine (in my case) have been the following: severe nausea, some vomiting, extreme fatigue/exhaustion, mood swings, and the list goes on.  AKA – I have never felt so poorly in all 29 years of my life!  The nausea has left me with zero appetite.  It makes me cringe to say this because I am normally a fairly healthy eater, but I’ll admit I had to eat terribly during my first trimester to basically survive.  I got to where I couldn’t cook, clean dishes, open the refrigerator, or walk into my pantry without spending the next 5 minutes dry heaving.  Yes, it was that bad.  I basically wanted to eat popcorn, chips, cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and French fries.  I am so embarrassed to say that because I ate HORRIBLY for about two months.  Luckily, now that I am in my 13th week of pregnancy and the nausea has begun to fade I am getting back on track with my daily diet.

Although I ate like complete crap during my first trimester, I still managed to workout for around 30 minutes/day, 5-6 days/week.  This is the ONLY thing that kept me from completely falling off the deep end for almost two months.  Working out gave me energy when I thought I was going to literally fall out.  It also helped ease my nausea at times when I thought I couldn’t take any more and wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep until it faded.  Working out not only helped with what I listed above, I know that I am doing great things for myself and for my unborn child.  Take it from me who has been through a long, exhausting labor; keeping your body in shape while you are pregnant will help your labor and delivery go by MUCH more smoothly than it would have otherwise.  With  my first child, I went into labor two weeks early and stayed in labor for HOURS.  I’m talking all Sunday night through mid-Monday morning.  Not to mention, I pushed for 3 hours.  3 freaking hours!  I was in great shape with my last pregnancy, but thank God I was because had I not been, that delivery would have probably ended up in a C-section.  Now, I’m not hating on those of you who have had C-sections.  I understand they happen, but that’s not how I wanted to have my baby.  I got through labor and delivery, had my baby, and was out on a walk with my family 2-3 days later.

With all of this being said, it is better for you and your baby if you get moving during your pregnancy!  Always talk to your doctor before you begin a workout regimen, but I guarantee you that you are better off doing SOMETHING rather than nothing at all.  The general rule of thumb is to stick with what you were already doing BEFORE you got pregnant.  SO, here is what my workouts look like!

My Maternity Workout Routine

Monday: Whitney’s Maternity Workout w/Weights.  This is a workout that I came up with that I will share with you in the future!

Tuesday: Run 2 miles.  I cut this down from 3 miles because I didn’t want to overdo it.

Wednesday: Autumn Calabrese’s “Active Maternity” workout from BeachBody OnDemand.  If you want more info on this program or any Beachbody program, e-mail me at

Thursday: Run 2 miles.

Friday: Rest day or Whitney’s Maternity Workout w/Weights.

Saturday: Run 2 miles.

Sunday: Rest day or Autumn Calabrese’s “Active Maternity” workout program.

I have absolutely LOVED the “Active Maternity” workout program on Beachbody OnDemand! Autumn makes it fun AND it’s Beachbody.  You all know how much I love my Beachbody programs!

I put together a little workout demo of a few of the moves from “Active Maternity”.  If you have any questions about Beachbody or the programs, e-mail me at or visit my personal Beachbody website here.

Feeling Your Best In 2016


The year is now 2016!  Can you believe that?  Aside from the fact that I officially feel old as dirt now that I am over 10 years graduated from high school, and I’m also officially in the year that I turn 30, I’m pretty excited about this year!  There is something about January 1 that literally brings life to me every single time!  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s the calendar literally starting over again that makes me feel as though I have some sort of fresh start.  Anyway, that may all sound silly but I like to have an “official” fresh start every now and then.

I can see all over social media that the *New Year’s Resolutions* are now in full swing.  You know what, I think it’s great.  People make fun of other people for making them, but I think everyone needs some kind of goal.  If it takes the calendar rolling over to January 1 to force people to set their sights high, let it happen all day long!  Like I have mentioned in the past, I set a fitness goal for myself my sophomore year in high school and have stuck with it ever since then.  Needless to say, I have pretty much been a fitness junkie the majority of my life.  Because being healthy has been such a big part of my life and I have personally witnessed the benefits of it, I would love nothing more than to see the entire human population change their own lives around!  If more people were healthy, I truly believe the world would be a better place…TRULY!

With all of that being said, if you’re new year’s resolution involved becoming a healthier individual, try allowing these simple tips below guide you along the way.


  • The only thing worse that letting yourself completely go by eating and drinking everything without exercising is doing the opposite – starving yourself to look like the photoshopped version of that Victoria’s Secret model in your catalog on your kitchen counter.  If you have seen what anorexia leads to, you know it’s not pretty.  Anorexia leads to hair loss, organ failure, and the list goes on.  I had to learn a long time ago that my body is not ever going to be exactly like everyone else’s.  There are people out there that will have narrower shoulders than you, a smaller waist, a thigh gap and they eat like a horse!  It’s genetics!  This is just one of those things that we women get caught up in and it does nothing but bring disappointment.
  • It’s not about seeing how skinny you can get.  That is an unhealthy mindset to have.  It is about being the healthiest you can be *in your own skin*.  God made you GORGEOUS in your own way and he made you just the way he wanted you to be.  Take that into consideration when you start to freak out that your waist isn’t 23″ around, but your best friend’s is.


  • I despise the word “diet” more than anything in the world.  Why?  Because they don’t work.  You can say, “well it worked for me” all you want, but did you eventually go on another “diet” within a few years after your first one?  Once you hit your goal, which by the way most likely revolved around #1 on my list, did you gain 5 pounds or more within the year and a half following your diet?  Yeah, see, diets aren’t how you change your lifestyle, they get you “skinny” quick.  You end up gaining it back (usually pretty easily) and have to put yourself back on another one to lose the extra fat you packed on from your diet.  Do you know someone like this?  I know a few.  Perpetual dieters that fluctuate their entire lives with their weight.
  • Instead of trying a diet where you cut out carbs or whatever it is that you cut out, try to exhibit self-control.  A well-balanced diet is always healthiest.  Well-balanced means a little of each food group.  It is even OK to eat junk food occasionally!  I’ll go ahead and tell you because I’m not ashamed.  I am 5’7-5’8 and 120 lbs.  I have been between 118-122 literally since high school.  The only time I was heavier was when I was pregnant with my 2 year old.  I actually have to try to stay above 120 lbs because anything less is considered “underweight” for a girl my height.  Do I diet?  Heck no!  I eat pretty much everything.  I try to cook healthy, but I also allow myself burgers, fries, ice cream, pizza, and Mexican food on a weekly basis.  I try not to eat bad every meal, but you can bet your bottom dollar I have at least one “cheat” food every day.  It’s not genetics either.  There was a point in my life before I started working out that I would average about 125 -128 lbs.  Incorporating a fitness routine and healthier food options into my life helped me get to be the healthiest I can be.


  • I’m sorry, but you gotta do it!  If you don’t incorporate some sort of fitness routine into your life, you will never be the healthiest you can be.  Exercise helps you feel better about yourself!  People that workout are happier, they have better cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI… ya’ll the list goes on.
  • If you like working out with other people, try a group class!  There are endless classes out there that will knock you into shape.  If you enjoy working out with other people I would go this route instead of just hitting the gym with a friend because most likely you and your friend won’t get too much done without some guidance.
  • Try a Beachbody fitness program!  Yes, I am a Beachbody coach!  Somehow, I still have friends and family members that don’t realize this.  Beats me!  Beachbody fitness programs have literally allowed me to transform my body into exactly what I wanted.  Not to mention, they are fun!  There is even a program for pregnant women that is amazing!  If you are interested in trying a program, ask me anything you want about them because I have dabbed a little in each of them.
  • Like I said, just do something.  15 minutes of walking is better than sitting on your couch being a couch potato!
  • This is huge!  Don’t stay up any later than you have to.  Just don’t do that to your body.  You need your 8 hours of sleep.  Your BODY needs it.  People that go to bed at a decent hour and get 8 hours of sleep are most definitely healthier and happier.  If this is something that you have trouble with, do everything in your power to change it!


  • Make time out of your day for God and for your family.  Your family is there to support you.  Don’t be so busy that you forget to include them.  When you are home, BE WITH your husband or wife and your kids.  Get off of your phone.  I have had to tell myself that lately which is why I haven’t posted as much.  Your family is there for you when nobody else will be.  Love them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and most importantly, I hope that 2016 blesses you with endless JOY!



Day 4: Runway Ready “Supermodel Abs”


Ladies, are you ready to get that flat stomach you always dreamed about? Here is your chance! This is Day 4 of your “Runway Ready” workout and you guessed it… we are now focusing on ABS!!! Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • Plank – Touch right knee to right elbow, bring back to plank. Touch right knee to your head, then bring back to plank. Repeat on the left side. ***Repeat for 1 minute!***
  • Sphinx (aka plank on elbows) – Touch right knee to right elbow. Touch left knee to left elbow. ***Repeat for 1 minute!***
  • Plank w/legs & arms spread out wide – Bring right hand in, then left hand in to normal plank. Bring right foot in, then left foot in (to normal plank). Do not pop your booty in the air! Stay low and engage those abs! ***Repeat for 1 minute!***
  • Stand up with legs spread. Jump and bring your knees to your elbows in the air. ***Repeat for 1 minute!***
  • V-up, Roll up: Lay completely flat on your back. Roll up, touch toes then roll back. Roll back up and lift your legs where your body makes a “V”, touch toes then roll back down. ***Repeat ENTIRE process 12 times!!!***
  • Forward and backward bicycles – Sit on the floor with your legs lifted in front of your body. Move them forward in a bicycle motion **25 times**. Reverse your bicycle **25 times**.

***Repeat ONE more time!***

Here is a video demo of what these ab moves look like!!

CONGRATULATIONS you just completed day 4 of our Runway Ready workout!!! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is almost here!!! You look fabulous!


Runway Ready – Day 3 “Goodbye Inner Thighs”


Goodbye inner thighs… hello bubble butt!

•1 minute worth of jumping jacks
•20 Curtsy lunges *Holding light free weights!*
•15 Inward box jumps *You can use a chair or an ice chest!*
•15 Sumo squats *Holding light free weights fully extend the weights forward as you squat down!*
•10 Donkey kicks *Keep your feet flexed, 10 each side!*
•10 Alternating squat leg raises *Keep your knees facing forward, 10 each leg!*
•20 Low jacks *Basic “Jumping jacks” but coming down to a low squat position!*
•20 Prisoner squats

You’re more than half way there… stick with it!! #VictoriaSecretFashionShow

Runway Ready – Day 2 “Summer Shoulders”


Time to get started on those Summer Shoulders…

•Push ups! It’s OK to do “girl” push ups if you need to… Do as many as you can!!!
•Tricep kickbacks! Feet are shoulder width apart OR in a lunge… Bend over to a 90 degree angle. Extend the weights parallel to the floor… Max out!!!
•Bicep Curls! Do as many as you can, working to fatigue the muscle!
•Push Press! Stand straight up & hold your weights bent at the elbow, parallel with your shoulders. Push straight up then bring back down. Max it out!!
•Lying Tricep Extension! Lay on the floor with your legs bent. Weight right above your head pushing them out N in. Max out!!
•Lateral Raise! Bring the weights to shoulder height & then release back down! Max out!!
•Overhead Tricep Extension! Holding 1 weight, max it out!!

Congratulations you’re another step closer to that angelic RUNWAY look! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s workout, you won’t want to miss it!



Runway Ready – Day 1 “Legs For Days”


Here is our Legs for days workout…
•20 Goblet squats *Using light free weights!*
•10 Step up & knee up *Each leg, using a chair!*
•10 Long jump squats *Jumping as far as you can, landing in a squat!*
•10 Round the world squat kicks *Each leg!*
•15 Burpees
•1 minute of rear leg raise lunges *Holding light free weights!*
•30 seconds of jumping jacks

CONGRATULATIONS you just completed day 1 of our Runway Ready workout!!! You’re 1 step closer to looking and feeling angelic for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!!