Quinoa? Recipe Here!




We all love a good recipe, right? I mentioned on a Facebook and Instagram post the other day that my husband and I are really trying to eat healthier. We both have the workout thing down pat. No issues there but what you eat truly affects the way you feel. I can tell when I have been eating horribly. When I eat foods high in fat and sugar I am lethargic, bloated, and more negative than when I eat healthier options. Now, when I say high in fat I’m not referring to an avocado. I will eat avocados nonstop (without overdoing it) because they are high in fats that are good for the body. I am referring to my staple horrible foods that I love to each such as: chips and queso, French fries, chips, and (random) fruit snacks or other “gummies” you could say. Those four items that I just mentioned are literally my biggest weaknesses when it comes to food!  I don’t really have a problem with soft drinks because I normally prefer water over any of that.  Anyway, this post isn’t about what I shouldn’t eat!  I am bringing you a recipe that I believe you will love that contains an ingredient that I JUST tried for the first time ever – quinoa.

Let me just say that the second I had that quinoa cooked and ready, my little boy (pictured above) tried it and absolutely fell in LOVE with it!  He smacked away for 15 minutes on two huge bowlfuls!  My husband and I literally fell out.  If you know my son, you know he’s super picky about what he eats.  If it isn’t fruit, applesauce, or the turkey hotdogs I feed him he probably doesn’t want it.  Here is a picture of the finished product below.


***You can find this recipe HERE. ***  Cookbook?  What?  Who doesn’t love Pinterest for a good recipe if nothing else right?  I will say that this was truly an easy recipe to cook and it contained two ingredients that I knew were super nutrient-dense – quinoa and spaghetti squash.  I have cooked with spaghetti squash several times recently and I absolutely love it.  In the near future, I hope to bring several more dishes to you that I have tried out on my family and love!  Let me know if you try this one!

This recipe is not the only thing that I found from Pinterest recently.  I found this hairstyle on there recently and fell in LOVE!  I have always loved a cute little side pony, but a side pony with a braid… Come one!  You can’t beat that.  Too much cuteness in one hairstyle!  It’s Friday, so I also wanted to show my support for my team in hopes they win a game… SOON!  I added the pink ribbon to my hairstyle to show my support for breast cancer awareness month.  Most of us have loved ones who have or have had breast cancer in the past.  If you are one of these people, show your support and donate to this cause.  My husband is a State Farm agent here in Alabama and is participating in the “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign in our little town in Alabama.  If you want to donate to the cause but are unsure how, you can donate here.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!  I know I will.  I get to go see my family on the MS Gulf Coast!



Hello October


I woke up this morning simply ecstatic about it being the first day in October.  Even though my birthday is in September, I don’t really start getting excited until October.  Why?  Well, football is in full swing, the leaves change, the weather gets cool, and the holidays begin to creep up.  I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas no matter how hectic that time of year seems to be.  And believe me, being married with a baby and living hours away from family tend to make it more and more hectic.  Nonetheless, I look forward to it every year.  This is HANDS DOWN my absolute favorite time of year!

Unfortunately, this time of year can be sad for many people including myself for several reasons.  There are some of us having trouble within the family, sick loved ones, or loved ones that have passed either recently or years ago.  Because this time of year can be difficult for some, I want to make sure that I do everything in my power to try and bring happiness to my readers and followers through the power of pictures!  During these months leading up to the holidays I want to make sure that I post funny, happy, and/or inspirational pictures for everyone following me through my blog, Instagram, and Facebook.  I will try my very best to bring a smile to your face or a laugh out of your mouth at least a couple of times a week.

The “pineapple” has become a phenomenon in our culture as a symbol of warmth and welcome that has been a part of Southern hospitality for centuries.  In my picture you see above, a pumpkin means the same thing!  Each year when I see my very first pumpkin in the grocery store, I see the beginning of fall and all of the love this time of year has to offer.  As soon as I see a pumpkin I think of leaves changing, cool weather, rich food, and the gathering of family.  Pumpkins make me feel so warm and so happy.  The sight of them brings a smile to my face so I thought, well why not include one in a picture of a hairstyle that I created myself!  I’m thinking of doing a tutorial on it.  What do you think?

I have been cooking with pumpkin lately and will be posting several recipes throughout the next few months!  Feel free to share any yummy pumpkin recipes that you have tried with me!

I truly hope that something I have posted in the past or will post in the future will somehow bring you joy.  I hope you have such a wonderful end to 2015 and I wish you nothing but pure cheer and joy as the holidays begin to roll around. =)

October 2

October 1



National Coffee Day


I’ll take any day I can get to celebrate my first true love.  Happy National Coffee Day lovers!  Here’s you a yummy homemade pumpkin coffee to try:

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • a splash of unsweetened almond milk
  • a dash of pumpkin pie spice
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • your favorite coffee

Blend it all together in a blender and voila!  You now have your very own homemade pumpkin spice latte.  Better yet, it’s even healthier than your Starbucks one.  Enjoy! =)

Braid Tutorial From My “Fall Look”

Oh my gosh I swear I cringe every time I hear myself talk in a video!  I really am not that boring in real life!  I am just HORRIBLY camera shy and do so much better with a script.  Maybe I should start doing that… Make myself a script!  I tell my husband all the time that I am never going to get a part as a “walker” on my fave show The Walking Dead if I can’t even do a voice over for my tutorials!  AHH!  By the way, if you know where I can go or what I can do to audition for a walker part on TWD, let a girl know.  Put me in a herd.  I don’t need any camera time, just want to be there!  No, seriously.  Anyway!  On to the braid…

I had several of you ask me about this braid and I’m so glad you liked it!  I promise you it’s the easiest thing ever.  Don’t be a perfectionist with this either because it is supposed to be messy.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Comb your hair out and pull it all to one side.  You can wear your hair in the middle or parted to the side.  I did use extensions on this braid by the way.

Step 2: Divide your hair into 3 strands and braid until you get half way down!

Step 3: Transition by pulling all of your hair together, then split in two chunks to start your fishtail braid.  {If you aren’t sure how to do a fishtail braid, I have a tutorial on my website.  Look in the “Hair” section.}

Step 4: Tie it off with a clear elastic.  Wrap some hair from the ponytail around the elastic and pin with a bobby pin!  Or don’t.  It’s pretty left alone as well.

Hey, I also wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love all of you guys that have followed and encouraged me ever since I began blogging.  I truly enjoy doing this from the bottom of my heart and have been thrilled to death to even have the opportunity.  This is 100% my passion and I enjoy learning new tricks along the way that I can bring to all of you!  Thanks again and don’t ever hesitate to mention tutorials you would like to see or products you would like for me to blog about.  Love you all! =)



It’s My Fave Time Of Year!


It’s the first official day of fall so I absolutely had to do this post! Yes, here in Alabama we are still experiencing the suffocating 90 degree heat, but there are obvious signs that fall is here (or coming at least).  The afternoons are cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn, and the stores are filled with the most gorgeous fall apparel out there!  Oh and of course – the “PSL” has made its’ appearance!  You know, the Pumpkin Spice Latte that nobody in their right mind would do without this time of year.   Ahh… freaking love it.  So now I am going to list the details of what is helping me complete the perfect fall “look”!  Here we go…

Skin: To keep your skin from drying out as the weather gets cooler…

This time of year, my skin always starts to dry out.  My knuckles crack and my cheeks start to peel.  I have recently  found the most amazing product that I swear by.  I use the Light 100% Argan Oil, Tinted Moisturizer, & Hydrating Milk by Josie Maran.  I use this at night and during the day.  You can find these products at Sephora.  Try them out.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  This post isn’t necessarily about my skin, but a clean, fresh look always looks best when the base of your look is healthy and glowing.  What is that you say?  Your skin!

My Makeup

Many of you that follow me know that I have a new foundation OBSESSION with Ashley Sievert Beauty’s foundation.  Y’all, seriously… you don’t even need moisturizer OR primer underneath it.  If you skin is ridiculously dry, I recommend the Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Tinted Moisturizer.  Back to the foundation… So you can purchase her brush to apply it.  The foundation has tremendous coverage and literally will make your skin look absolutely flawless.  The best part about it?  You don’t even need much at all to cover your entire face.  I think 2 pumps of the foundation is recommended and I only use one.  I purchased the foundation in “Milan” and it is beautiful.  I do blend a little bit of my dark Morphe concealer from my contour palette into the foundation to make it a tad darker.  Anyway, it’s fabulous and I don’t even really want to try anything else!  I mean, I will try other things but this is tough to beat.

I used Morphe’s 35N eye shadow palette which I am obsessed with!  There are some beautiful colors for fall in this palette that I believe you will all love!

On my lips I used something I purchased at Wal-Mart!  Elf Cosmetics has a beautiful lipstick pen in the color “Wine” that is drop dead gorgeous for fall.  If you love a bold lip, this will do the trick!

“The Braid”

I purchased this hat and knew I HAD to do a braid with it.  I’m obsessed with this hat and will give you the deets on where it came from below.  This is a wool hat – very trendy right now – that looks fabulous with all different styles of hair.  Up, down, long, short… You name it, it probably looks good.  So I wanted a simple side braid with hair in the front to frame my face.  All I did was start with a basic 3-strand braid half way down into a fishtail.  I pulled A LOT of hair out in the front and curled it quickly around a curling iron.  After I finished the braid, I pulled it apart (of course) to make it big!  Anyway, that’s it! Simple simple.

The Outfit

I live in a small town in Alabama with the most adorable boutique located in our little downtown area.  The name is “You Nique Boutique”.  This store was the first place I shopped at when we moved here a year and a half ago, and I still love to shop there when I’m not shopping online at some of my other faves.

I drive by the store almost every day and once I saw this dress with this hat on a mannequin in their window, I knew I had to have it!  So here we are.  You can find them on Facebook: You Nique Boutique or on Instagram @ayouniqueboutique =).  Check them out!

IMG_7213 IMG_7276

Easy Headband Braid – Perfect For Festival Season!

Festival Hair

Hello ladies and gents! I learned how to do this quick and easy headband braid recently and I just can’t get enough of it.  There are WAY more difficult ways to do this, but this look is so pretty and you can’t beat the simplicity of it.  So, to all of you ladies going to JazzFest or your favorite festival this weekend, try this one out!  Make sure you tag me to it so I can see how awesome you look! =)

Easy Boho Headband Braid:

1. You can part your hair anyway you want!  Just make sure it’s brushed out.

2. Use volumizing powder if you wish, I use this product.

3. Take a chunk of hair right underneath your ear on whichever side you wish to begin.

4. Do a simple, 3 strand braid down the hair and tie off with a clear elastic.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the opposite side.

6. Pull apart the braid (if you want). Or don’t, whatever works =).

7. Take one braid and pull over your head whichever way looks best to you! In the video, I attempt to show you 2 ways: over all of your hair and with some hair left out.

8. Repeat step 7 with the other braid. I like to pull it beside the first braid to give myself a double-braided look.

9. Smooth out hair and leave it down, or pull it up in an adorable ponytail like I have pictured above!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!  I am slowly getting in new equipment to make them better and better.  Hopefully soon I will have a new camera so I can give you a higher quality tutorial to watch instead of my iPhone videos!  LOL!  If you have any questions, feel free to message me at StunninglySouthern@gmail.com.

Easy Side Dutch Braid

Hi!  I get asked about this hairstyle all of the time, and it’s so easy to do.  You just need to make sure you incorporate all of your hair in the braid before you get to the base of your head.  One huge tip that I recommend is to make sure you angle your Dutch braid down toward your forehead the entire time so you can get it as close to your hairline as possible.  I also recommend you take the pieces out of the braid beforehand so you don’t have trouble pulling them out later!  I kind of forgot BOTH of these tips while recording this video, but I was doing this while my baby was asleep so I improvised =).

Also, I apologize for the kitchen and baby “stuff” in the background.  My husband said, “We have got to figure something out for you so that everyone doesn’t see the disaster in the background! You do look pretty though!” Lol, thanks honey.  We are in a rental house for the next year until we find somewhere to buy and there is not a great place to record these videos!  If anyone in my area (you know who you are) can recommend somewhere that I can record these videos, let me know ;-).

So, here are the steps…

1. Comb your hair out really well before you begin!  **Very important**

2. Part hair to one side.

3. Separate 3 pieces of hair close to your part.

4. Take strand closest to your forehead and pull UNDERNEATH middle strand. (Remember, Dutch = underneath middle strand! That’s how I learned!)

5. Take strand farthest from your forehead and pull underneath middle strand.

6. Repeat down the braid until you get to where I slow down in the video.  At this point, begin incorporating hair from the other side of your part and pull tightly into the braid.

7. Repeat down until you get to your neck.  At this point, it is best to have all of the hair in your braid!

8. Once you have all of your hair in the braid, continue a 3 strand braid all the way down and tie off with an elastic.

9. Pull apart the braid at the end.

I hope this braid comes easily to you.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at stunninglysouthern@gmail.com or message me on Facebook or Instagram!

Front Row Dutch Braid Tutorial

Hi everyone!  This is the Front Row Dutch Braid that I love and wear all of the time.  If you learned how to do the Dutch Braid (side strands UNDERNEATH the center strand instead of over like in the French), then you will find this one pretty simple.  This is a very pretty braid for when you are wanting to dress up your look a little bit!  You can do it several different ways, but here is how I did this one…

**Tip: It’s very important to angle the braid downward the entire time to keep it on your hairline.**


1. Start by grabbing a small piece of hair near your part and divide it into three sections.

2. Grab the strand of hair closest to your forehead and cross it underneath the center strand.

3. Grab the strand of hair farthest from your forehead and cross it underneath the center strand.

4. You now need to start incorporating hair from outside of the original braid.

5. Grab hair from underneath the strand closest to your forehead and incorporate it into that strand by your forehead.  Cross this piece underneath the center section.

6. Grab hair from beside the hair farthest from your forehead and incorporate it into that strand. Cross this piece underneath the center section.

7. Repeat these steps down the braid, making sure to angle downward, until you get to your ear.

8. Once at the ear, just do a simple 3 strand braid all the way down until you are out of hair.  You can pin this braid around the back of your head with a bobby pin.

**You can also do the same thing on the other side of your part to do a total front row braid look.  It’s really pretty that way as well!**

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! For some of my latest looks, be sure to check out my Facebook page: Stunningly Southern, and my Instagram acct: @whitneycornett

Until next time! =)

Pull Through Braids!

pull through braids, braids, hair ideas, stunninglysouthern, long hair, blonde hair

Hi ladies!  I tried this pull through braid recently and fell in LOVE.  I am definitely going to need to do to a tutorial on this one.  I think this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for medium-length hair.  Mine was almost too long, which is unusual.  This hairstyle is also great for dirty hair.  The dirtier the better, actually.

Before I styled my hair,  I applied dry shampoo like I always do.  The braid will have to be shown in a tutorial because it is simply too confusing to explain!  I will get on that as soon as I can =).  After I completed the braid, which honestly takes only about 5-10 min max, I let down some of my hair in the front and ran a curling iron through it.  Voila, you have a quick and easy hairstyle in no time at all!  This style is perfect to dress up for a night out or down for work.  I hope you like it!  Be looking for a tutorial soon.

pull through braid, braids, hair ideas, hairstyles, long hair, blonde hair

Pull Apart Dutch Braid Video

Here is the Dutch braid tutorial!

I literally just learned how to do a Dutch Braid back in December and I wear this style ALL OF THE TIME.  You can wear it so many ways and it pretty much always looks amazing!  Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s so elegant and just flat out pretty!  If you pull it apart right, it makes the hair look so much thicker than it really is.  The difference between this braid and the French braid is the fact that it looks like it sits on top of your hair.  Now here’s how you do it…

Just like the French braid, you start with 3 strands at the top of your head.  Take one of the side strands and pull it UNDERNEATH the center strand.  (Pulling the hair underneath the center strand is what makes it a Dutch braid instead of a French-style braid.)  Take the strand from the other side of your head and pull it underneath the center strand.  Continue this all the way down your hair and tie the braid off with an elastic.  Next, you are going to pull apart the braid if you want to make it look really thick and pretty!

Hair Volumizing Tip: Use a volumizing powder that creates a matte finish on the hair to give it texture, separation, and volume. I sprinkle a volumizing powder on my dry hair the day I wash it and I usually don’t have to reapply the entire 4 days that I go without washing my hair. This is also a great product for braiding hair because it helps you achieve the look of a big, textured braid that is easy to work with. Here is a link to the product that I use from Sally’s Beauty Supply. You can find this product here.  For the month of March, you can buy 2 and get 1 free when you use code 444659.

I hope this video was helpful to you!  Don’t hesitate to message me with questions!

You subscribe to my YouTube page to catch my latest posts!  Until next time! =)