My Favorite Hair Products & Tools

Hey Beautiful!

I wanted to start by saying that I truly hope you have had a wonderful weekend. My weekends are always great because I have my hubby home to hang out with us!

Anyhow, this video has been requested a lot so I figured I would go for it and make a video about my hair products and tools that I have been using religiously for awhile now. I hope you like it! If you have any questions or comments, you know what to do 😉.

The Fun Side of Pregnancy


I have had several of you gorgeous ladies message me and check up on me lately so I figured I would post a pregnancy update PLUS some!  Oh by the way, please excuse my roots in ALL of my pics.  I haven’t done anything to it since October because I really haven’t had a reason to!  I don’t care to damage my hair with highlights just for shopping around town.  Not my thing!  I am getting it highlighted in May because of all of the trips we are going on this summer, so at that point I will feel like a whole new woman!

I am now 18 weeks pregnant, well 19 weeks tomorrow (Friday) and this pregnancy has definitely been fun because of MB!  Haha he has been very observant in my .. well.. physical change!  It makes me laugh typing this because he has DEFINITELY noticed my growing belly and “boo boos” (boobies) so he calls them!  He has called me “big mommy” and oh so much more!  It’s all with love though so it’s super cute.

I will say that what they say is true!  I feel like the belly definitely gets bigger more quickly the second time around!  I have struggled more this time with the changes in my body than I did with my first pregnancy for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I’m more sensitive this time around.. because oh I definitely am!  Who knows why, but all I know is that I am eating the best I can and I workout like a madwoman!  Literally I’m working out 6 days/week for at least 25 minutes each time so I’m in shape – I swear!  Haha I think the second time around is just different on the body.  I swear my body literally says, “I don’t care how in shape you are!  I’m going to throw you some EXTRA maternal fat stores for baby ____ !”  Who cares though!  I’m doing what I can and I, along with my baby are healthy as can be!  So here are a few updates!

Weight Gain: Yeah, I said all of that above but I really have only gained about 7 lbs.  I just look soft this time around!  My hubby actually likes it though.  He says he wishes that I would be this weight when I’m not pregnant!

Baby’s Current Weight: 8 ounces!  This baby is growing RAPIDLY!

Baby’s Health: Baby is doing so well!  We have been able to see him/her move a lot during ultrasounds and have seen all of the organs and body parts!

Baby’s Sex: Well… we have known the sex for 2 1/2 weeks so far and we are waiting to tell our family REALLY soon!  Most of my family has been super sweet and excited about it and I know these people (grandparents plus Uncle Josh and Aunt Morgan and of course my long-time friend and supermom Ashley ;)) are going to be excited and surprised to find out baby’s sex!!! We have a cute surprise for them =). The rest of you will know soon!

Cravings: I am literally hungry almost every second of everyday this time around.  I was not like this with MB!  I don’t know what it is but I literally feel like I could eat ALL. DAY. LONG.  Don’t worry, I don’t let myself!  I think about pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes and know that will cause way too many complications.  I am craving eggs and cheez its!  Eggs.. Oh my goodness I have eaten hundreds ever since I got pregnant!  I literally CRAVE them all day every day!

Eating Schedule : 7:00 am egg and oatmeal for breakfast. Protein is KEY for a growing fetus! 10:00 am snack: I usually do some yogurt and veggie sticks or a boiled egg. 12:00 pm lunch: turkey, cheese, kale, avocado wrap with veggie straws or a salad (or both)! 3:00 snack: Shakeology, fruit, or both!  6:30 Dinner: We try to include a good portion of protein in this meal for me.  My body literally is CRAVING it this time around!  And dinner is usually anything and everything under the sun so I’m not even going to try to give an example.

Clothing: This is something I wanted to touch on and will do a more in-depth blog post on real soon!  I have had so much fun shopping for pregnancy!  So many women can’t stand the changes in their body during pregnancy, but I am literally obsessed.  Like I have said before, I think pregnant women are the absolute cutest!  There is nothing cuter than being a 2-for-1!  It’s just so sweet!  So here is what I have been dressing in throughout my pregnancy:

  • First Trimester: Didn’t really have any changes whatsoever to my body other than about a 3 lb. weight gain on the scale so I just stuck to my regular clothes!
  • Second Trimester: I have been purchasing some super cute maternity clothes from  I have just been doing that because they are cute, not because that’s all I can wear!  I can still wear all of my pants from pre-pregnancy, but am now needing longer shirts and dresses that don’t cinch in at the waist.  I love spring fashion so being pregnant this spring has been a little bit of a bummer as far as fashion goes because I mean, I LOVE crop tops and two-piece sets!  It’s ok though because I have found several awesome non-maternity items that are SO cute with my stage of pregnancy right now.  I love body-con dresses, t-shirt dresses, and long, fitted t-shirts with jeans!  I have found several options from ASOS like I mentioned above as well as Lulu’s plus some boutique clothing.   This relaxed dress I am in came from Lulu’s.

I plan to do a super fun post real soon on dressing the bump with several examples out of my own closet!  I have also bought several swimsuits for this summer that I will do another post for!  So if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, look for these fun posts!

Love you all and thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to catch new posts!


Baby on Board!


“For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him” 1 Samuel 1:27

… And boy did we.  Many of you may remember around this time last year when I posted about our struggles with infertility.  Well, it has been a long road but we overcame every obstacle and ended up with the best news ever the week of Christmas.  Yes, we found out 5 days before Christmas that I was indeed 5 weeks pregnant and I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief it was.  In the past year I have had the pleasure of corresponding with many of you who read my infertility post.  We have shared stories of decisions we have had to make with our doctors, heartaches, and success stories and I can honestly say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart to those of you who have reached out to me with love and kind words.  I have spoken to many of you since the day I found out that I was pregnant and explained what we went through as well as what to expect for those who have been having the same infertility issues.  There are women all over that struggle with infertility and for that, I wanted to share a quick story on what we went through as well as what to expect once you become pregnant.

As many of you know, my husband and I had our first child March 25, 2013.  It only took about 2 months for us to get pregnant with our baby boy.  I always wanted children closer in age because my brother and I were 21 months apart and even as brother and sister, I felt we had a solid relationship that grew into a friendship as we grew older.  All of that to say, Michael and I decided to get rid of the birth control and began trying to get pregnant in August of 2014…

Once about 5 months went by, I began to wonder what was going on.  {You can refer back to my post titled “A Little Something I Wanted To Share” if you are curious about my thought process at that time.}  I called my doctor probably around month 6-7 to try and schedule an appointment with her so she could begin running tests.  I was told that they wouldn’t even consider looking at this as an issue until we had been actively trying for at least one year.  At around month 8 of trying to get pregnant, I began having continuous bleeding for about 2 1/2 weeks.  This got me a doctor’s appointment, which is what I wanted so it was pretty much a blessing in disguise.

The doctor’s appointment consisted of an ultrasound of my ovaries and uterus, all of which looked perfectly fine.  They also did bloodwork to check my hormones, which also looked 100% normal.  We talked it out with my doctor and went back and forth about my everyday lifestyle and habits.  The only problem my doctor saw at the time was that I was slightly underweight for my height, and that perhaps I didn’t have enough body fat to maintain a pregnancy which is why it had not yet happened.  After all of this, we talked about changing up my workout routine and incorporating more healthy fats into my diet.  She also told me that if it still had not happened in a few more months, we would come back in to begin looking into further testing.

Before we knew it, it was August of 2015, AKA one year and still no pregnancy.  So, we made our doctor’s appointment and came back in for a conversation with my doctor.  Little did I know there was so much more testing to be done!  At this point, they needed to test Michael.  I won’t go into detail,  but you all probably know what that consisted of.  His results were perfectly normal.  I honestly can’t remember if we did more blood testing or not on myself, but what I do remember is that I was not comfortable with the test that she wanted to do on me.  I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called, but the test consists of inserting radioactive dye into my uterus and looking to see if the fallopian tubes were open.  I actually just looked up the term and I believe it’s called a Hysterosalpingography“.  Well, I was not comfortable with this test especially after talking with a good friend of mine about it.  I understand that it would be a very small dose of radiation, but any radiation can increase the chances of cancer significantly.  The problem was, my doctor (at the time) would not prescribe Clomid to me until she made sure that my fallopian tubes were open and everything in my uterus looked fine.  Needless to say, I was devastated.  Long story short, after a few more months of back and forth with my doctor, my husband saved the day by talking them into prescribing Clomid without having the testing done and she agreed to prescribe me the medicine at the beginning of my next cycle.  Keep in mind, my cycles are anywhere from about 33-60 days long, so now we are at 14 months of trying to get pregnant.

So here we are in December 2015 with my period supposed to start at any time so that I can begin Clomid.  During this time I really toned down my workout routine.  I went from intense p90X workouts everyday, to working out just 5 days a week.  I also changed up my diet and incorporated more good, well actually and bad fats into my diet in order to gain more body fat.  One or two days were p90X, the rest were light, 3 mile jogs throughout my neighborhood.  Well, I woke up at the end of December one morning and began feeling nauseous at the site of food, the garbage, pretty much everything.  We took a pregnancy test (or maybe 3 haha) and sure enough, I was 5 weeks pregnant and didn’t even have to begin my first dose of Clomid.  What made it even more special was that my sweet parents were coming into town to stay the week for Christmas!  I was ecstatic to say the least.

We went to my doctor’s appointment, confirmed the pregnancy, and I was put on progesterone suppositories to help my body sustain the pregnancy.  For those of you that it took over 1 year to conceive, your doctor will probably do something similar for you.  If they don’t, I would bring up the topic because we are at greater risk for miscarriage.  The progesterone has honestly left me feeling like complete crap with a whirlwind of side effects, which is why I haven’t done much with my beauty blog lately.  However, I will say that working out regularly (5 days/week)  has kept me from going completely over the edge!  All of this will be a blog post for a later date.

Many of you won’t really care to read this post, and that’s fine.  This one isn’t for you right now.  Many people said throughout the entire time I was trying to get pregnant, “It’s just not meant to be right now”, and that honestly annoyed the you know what out of me.  When you see a future for your family and it keeps being pushed off and delayed, it’s a very frustrating feeling.  However, I can honestly say that it probably, in fact, DID happen at the best time that it could have because of different changes occurring in our lives for the better.

I am an open book on subjects that I believe may help or inspire people in some way, which is why I decided to put my story out there when it comes to this topic.  The response I received after my first post on infertility back in April of 2014 was one for the books.  Because I put my story out there, I have met others via the internet going through the same thing.  Some continue to go through it and some, like myself, finally had their dreams come true.  Whatever your story  be, I hope that you too continue to push until you find some answers.  I was not going to stop until I found some.

Be looking for some fun and exciting posts coming up on pregnancy workouts, as well as feeling beautiful throughout your entire pregnancy!  I am so excited to be able to share my journey will all of the new moms and moms-to-be out there!


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Toni Riales


IMG_0931 (1)


I wanted to take a beauty-related post and give a shout out to the gorgeous lady up top!  Toni Riales is so remarkably talented in the sense that she can take an idea from her clients and turn it into more than you could have ever imagined!  Toni specializes in fashion/commercial photography, but also works with other professionals in the business world who may need polished and professional images to use for their advertising, website, and personal needs.  She is located in Mobile, AL, but is available to travel to work with clients and agencies in any other market.  If you need professional, creative, or unique pictures for your business website, actor/model headshots, or just for your personal needs, Studio TRP should be your first stop.  I know I will be going back!

We took over 400 pictures in 4 hours with 3 different makeup looks but I figured I would just stick a few in here to give you a sample of Toni’s work!  For more stunning samples of her work, head on over to her website, Instagram, and Facebook to see more of her work.

Photographer: Toni Riales

MUA: Alexandrea West


IMG_0923 (1)









Go-To Cat Woman Halloween Costume



Spooky enough for you?  Happy Halloween ladies!  Or soon-to-be…

I wanted to put together an outfit, hair and makeup tutorial for you ladies that may be in a bind to find a last minute Halloween costume.  I am cat woman for Halloween A LOT.  Why?  Well, it’s cheap, sexy, and EASY to do!  Did I go and purchase a $50 cat woman costume?  No, why would I do that?  Cat woman is easy.  Liquid leggings, leather, and high heels are IN right now so throwing together a last minute cat woman costume is about as easy as it gets.  Here is what mine consists of…

  • Cat woman ears plus mask
  • Liquid leggings
  • Leather peplum top
  • Black high heels
  • A sleek hairstyle and cute braid
  • Dark Makeup

Now that you know what my costume looks like, how about a hair tutorial?  Check out this YouTube video below.

I wanted this hairstyle to be sleek, which is why I wanted it straight.  I now have Bellami Hair Extensions that are SUPER long so I did end up curling the bottom of the hair so that my natural hair blended well.  I pulled back the front in a sleek style and pinned it underneath the chunk of hair that I teased then put into a fishtail braid.  Of course I had to include a braid in my cat woman hairstyle!  Now on to makeup…

I recently learned how to do somewhat of a Smokey eye that I am extremely pleased with.  I also learned that I can use this same technique with different eyeshadow shades and end up with a gorgeous look.  This is an easy look because I literally used a total of 5 eyeshadow/liner products on my eyes.  The key is to blend, blend, blend.  Blend until your eyelid hurts because if you don’t, you WILL look like you have a black eye.  Honestly, this look stays pretty ugly until I get a full face of makeup on.   I start out the YouTube video below with a completely clean face.  I never apply my foundation, concealer, or anything else until I finish my eyes because of the fall-out of the eyeshadow.  Here are the steps below so that you can skip around the video instead of watching every step.

  1. Eye primer – This step isn’t included in my video, but I used a primer from Urban Decay Cosmetics.
  2. I put tape on the sides of my eyes to help me achieve a more dramatic look.
  3. Apply an eyeshadow that is around the same color as your skin over the primer.  I learned this from “Batalash Beauty”.  It helps smooth out the primer to give a nice, clean slate to start.
  4. Start with a transition color in your crease.  I started with a brownish/orange color.  For a blacked out Smokey look, I transition from browns to black.  I am using the Morphed 35N palette for this entire look.
  5. Next, I used a brown transition color a little beneath the orange and piled it on in the outer corner of my eye.
  6. I then took a black Urban Decay pencil and (sloppily) applied this to my upper lash-line.  I blend that color upward toward my crease.  Blend, Blend, Blend!
  7. Take a black shadow and blend all over the lid focusing heavily on the outer corners.
  8. Line the lower waterline of the eye and smudge down and out.
  9. With your smudge brush, take a brown shadow and smudge and blend along the lower lash-line.
  10. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on top of eyelid.
  11. Apply a highlight to upper brow and inner corners of eyes.
  12. Apply mascara and lashes and your done!

You can get a better idea of what I am doing in my YouTube video.  I don’t have a full face of makeup until the very end, which kind of pulls the whole thing together! It’s over 8 minutes long, so skip around and hopefully you can learn.



Hopefully you learned something that you can try on your own today. I promise, at some point I will invest in a better camera so that my tutorials will be higher quality. One day, one day. =)

I hope you all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! Muah!

Alabama – Where You Can Go To Get Gorgeous



Can we just start out with the fact that I finally have my computer back (Hallelujah)!  MOVING ON…

I had a fashion/fitness photoshoot last week with professional fashion/commercial photographer, Toni Riales Photography, located in Mobile, AL.  Toni is AHHH-MAZING and I will soon have a post dedicated to her and my makeup artist, Alexandrea West.  You guys, I’m not going to just blog about anyone and any product.  If I don’t like it, why waste my time unless a group of people actually want a review on it.  So, until then, please do yourself a favor and click on their links that I have provided within this text and at the bottom of this post to see their work.  If you are a working or aspiring actress, model, blogger, heck even an insurance agent; Toni and Alexandrea can have you looking like a celebrity.  Not even kidding.  However, we will come back another time in the near future.

I want to talk a little about what I did to prep myself for my photo shoot.  Aside from drinking gallons of water (which is pretty typical for me anyhow), taking care of my skin and hair, working out, eating healthy, and shopping (!!!), I knew I didn’t need to forget my tan.  No, not a tanning bed tan.  If you do go to the tanning bed just stop now.  Save yourself!  No, really.  Not only did I need a beautiful glow, I needed an EVEN tan because well, part of my photo shoot was in a bathing suit and you will be able to see about 80% of my skin.  A long time ago I stopped going to a machine to get sprayed because I always felt the color didn’t last, it wasn’t the prettiest color, and most importantly it was rarely 100% even on my body.  It was never even enough for me to feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit in if you know what I mean.  All of this to say I called this lovely higher-end, luxury skin spa that I had used in the past here in Enterprise, Al – LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa.

I have met and spoken with the owner, Kalina (who is strikingly gorgeous BY THE WAY), several times in my community and had previously gotten a spray tan before.  That first tan was the most gorgeous tan I ever had, so I knew I needed to contact her about concocting something for my photo shoot that would looking pleasing on camera.  LUXE uses Fantasy Tan, which in my opinion is the most gorgeous spray tan out there.  Kalina uses one machine to spray the body and a totally separate machine to spray hands, feet, and face for an even and beautiful looking tan.  We spoke about my photo shoot and she also wanting to get me in to do a facial.  Of course I was absolutely ecstatic!  Can I just humbly say that my face and the color of my body looked 100% camera-ready on the day of my shoot thanks to Kalina and LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa.


Ladies, if you live in Alabama around the Dothan/Enterprise area, or are just coming through town, do yourself a favor and stop by the most fabulous luxury skin spa there is.  LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa provides:

  • Specialty facials
  • Chemical peels
  • Derma-Planing
  • Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand/Foot Treatment
  • Waxing of all types
  • Massages (Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone)
  • Professional Makeup Application
  • Spa Packages
  • Private Spa Parties
  • Now offers hair services

Kalina, owner of LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa, has a nursing degree, business degree from Harvard, AND is one fabulous esthetician who has definitely found her niche in making other women look and feel absolutely STUNNING!  If you are looking to try new professional skin care or a new brand of makeup, LUXE carries:

I had the privilege of trying each of these products and they may very well become a staple in my skincare/makeup routine.

Very soon, I am scheduling another photo shoot with Toni Riales Photography for my headshot.  Not to try and become a model (I’m too old to just be getting into that), or an actor, but to send it off to attempt to become a walker on The Walking Dead!  Yes, becoming a walker would absolutely help complete me haha!  Anyway, before I do that I am definitely coming back to Kalina with LUXE to help beautify me again.  Please visit the links I have listed below for LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa, Toni Riales Photography, and Alexandrea West Makeup Artist.  You won’t be sorry!

LUXE Airbrush Skin Spa Facebook

Luxe Airbrush Skin Spa Website

Toni Riales Photography

Toni Riales Photography Facebook

Alexandrea West Website

Alexandrea West Facebook



Quinoa? Recipe Here!




We all love a good recipe, right? I mentioned on a Facebook and Instagram post the other day that my husband and I are really trying to eat healthier. We both have the workout thing down pat. No issues there but what you eat truly affects the way you feel. I can tell when I have been eating horribly. When I eat foods high in fat and sugar I am lethargic, bloated, and more negative than when I eat healthier options. Now, when I say high in fat I’m not referring to an avocado. I will eat avocados nonstop (without overdoing it) because they are high in fats that are good for the body. I am referring to my staple horrible foods that I love to each such as: chips and queso, French fries, chips, and (random) fruit snacks or other “gummies” you could say. Those four items that I just mentioned are literally my biggest weaknesses when it comes to food!  I don’t really have a problem with soft drinks because I normally prefer water over any of that.  Anyway, this post isn’t about what I shouldn’t eat!  I am bringing you a recipe that I believe you will love that contains an ingredient that I JUST tried for the first time ever – quinoa.

Let me just say that the second I had that quinoa cooked and ready, my little boy (pictured above) tried it and absolutely fell in LOVE with it!  He smacked away for 15 minutes on two huge bowlfuls!  My husband and I literally fell out.  If you know my son, you know he’s super picky about what he eats.  If it isn’t fruit, applesauce, or the turkey hotdogs I feed him he probably doesn’t want it.  Here is a picture of the finished product below.


***You can find this recipe HERE. ***  Cookbook?  What?  Who doesn’t love Pinterest for a good recipe if nothing else right?  I will say that this was truly an easy recipe to cook and it contained two ingredients that I knew were super nutrient-dense – quinoa and spaghetti squash.  I have cooked with spaghetti squash several times recently and I absolutely love it.  In the near future, I hope to bring several more dishes to you that I have tried out on my family and love!  Let me know if you try this one!

This recipe is not the only thing that I found from Pinterest recently.  I found this hairstyle on there recently and fell in LOVE!  I have always loved a cute little side pony, but a side pony with a braid… Come one!  You can’t beat that.  Too much cuteness in one hairstyle!  It’s Friday, so I also wanted to show my support for my team in hopes they win a game… SOON!  I added the pink ribbon to my hairstyle to show my support for breast cancer awareness month.  Most of us have loved ones who have or have had breast cancer in the past.  If you are one of these people, show your support and donate to this cause.  My husband is a State Farm agent here in Alabama and is participating in the “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign in our little town in Alabama.  If you want to donate to the cause but are unsure how, you can donate here.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!  I know I will.  I get to go see my family on the MS Gulf Coast!



Hello October


I woke up this morning simply ecstatic about it being the first day in October.  Even though my birthday is in September, I don’t really start getting excited until October.  Why?  Well, football is in full swing, the leaves change, the weather gets cool, and the holidays begin to creep up.  I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND Christmas no matter how hectic that time of year seems to be.  And believe me, being married with a baby and living hours away from family tend to make it more and more hectic.  Nonetheless, I look forward to it every year.  This is HANDS DOWN my absolute favorite time of year!

Unfortunately, this time of year can be sad for many people including myself for several reasons.  There are some of us having trouble within the family, sick loved ones, or loved ones that have passed either recently or years ago.  Because this time of year can be difficult for some, I want to make sure that I do everything in my power to try and bring happiness to my readers and followers through the power of pictures!  During these months leading up to the holidays I want to make sure that I post funny, happy, and/or inspirational pictures for everyone following me through my blog, Instagram, and Facebook.  I will try my very best to bring a smile to your face or a laugh out of your mouth at least a couple of times a week.

The “pineapple” has become a phenomenon in our culture as a symbol of warmth and welcome that has been a part of Southern hospitality for centuries.  In my picture you see above, a pumpkin means the same thing!  Each year when I see my very first pumpkin in the grocery store, I see the beginning of fall and all of the love this time of year has to offer.  As soon as I see a pumpkin I think of leaves changing, cool weather, rich food, and the gathering of family.  Pumpkins make me feel so warm and so happy.  The sight of them brings a smile to my face so I thought, well why not include one in a picture of a hairstyle that I created myself!  I’m thinking of doing a tutorial on it.  What do you think?

I have been cooking with pumpkin lately and will be posting several recipes throughout the next few months!  Feel free to share any yummy pumpkin recipes that you have tried with me!

I truly hope that something I have posted in the past or will post in the future will somehow bring you joy.  I hope you have such a wonderful end to 2015 and I wish you nothing but pure cheer and joy as the holidays begin to roll around. =)

October 2

October 1



It’s My Fave Time Of Year!


It’s the first official day of fall so I absolutely had to do this post! Yes, here in Alabama we are still experiencing the suffocating 90 degree heat, but there are obvious signs that fall is here (or coming at least).  The afternoons are cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn, and the stores are filled with the most gorgeous fall apparel out there!  Oh and of course – the “PSL” has made its’ appearance!  You know, the Pumpkin Spice Latte that nobody in their right mind would do without this time of year.   Ahh… freaking love it.  So now I am going to list the details of what is helping me complete the perfect fall “look”!  Here we go…

Skin: To keep your skin from drying out as the weather gets cooler…

This time of year, my skin always starts to dry out.  My knuckles crack and my cheeks start to peel.  I have recently  found the most amazing product that I swear by.  I use the Light 100% Argan Oil, Tinted Moisturizer, & Hydrating Milk by Josie Maran.  I use this at night and during the day.  You can find these products at Sephora.  Try them out.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  This post isn’t necessarily about my skin, but a clean, fresh look always looks best when the base of your look is healthy and glowing.  What is that you say?  Your skin!

My Makeup

Many of you that follow me know that I have a new foundation OBSESSION with Ashley Sievert Beauty’s foundation.  Y’all, seriously… you don’t even need moisturizer OR primer underneath it.  If you skin is ridiculously dry, I recommend the Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil Tinted Moisturizer.  Back to the foundation… So you can purchase her brush to apply it.  The foundation has tremendous coverage and literally will make your skin look absolutely flawless.  The best part about it?  You don’t even need much at all to cover your entire face.  I think 2 pumps of the foundation is recommended and I only use one.  I purchased the foundation in “Milan” and it is beautiful.  I do blend a little bit of my dark Morphe concealer from my contour palette into the foundation to make it a tad darker.  Anyway, it’s fabulous and I don’t even really want to try anything else!  I mean, I will try other things but this is tough to beat.

I used Morphe’s 35N eye shadow palette which I am obsessed with!  There are some beautiful colors for fall in this palette that I believe you will all love!

On my lips I used something I purchased at Wal-Mart!  Elf Cosmetics has a beautiful lipstick pen in the color “Wine” that is drop dead gorgeous for fall.  If you love a bold lip, this will do the trick!

“The Braid”

I purchased this hat and knew I HAD to do a braid with it.  I’m obsessed with this hat and will give you the deets on where it came from below.  This is a wool hat – very trendy right now – that looks fabulous with all different styles of hair.  Up, down, long, short… You name it, it probably looks good.  So I wanted a simple side braid with hair in the front to frame my face.  All I did was start with a basic 3-strand braid half way down into a fishtail.  I pulled A LOT of hair out in the front and curled it quickly around a curling iron.  After I finished the braid, I pulled it apart (of course) to make it big!  Anyway, that’s it! Simple simple.

The Outfit

I live in a small town in Alabama with the most adorable boutique located in our little downtown area.  The name is “You Nique Boutique”.  This store was the first place I shopped at when we moved here a year and a half ago, and I still love to shop there when I’m not shopping online at some of my other faves.

I drive by the store almost every day and once I saw this dress with this hat on a mannequin in their window, I knew I had to have it!  So here we are.  You can find them on Facebook: You Nique Boutique or on Instagram @ayouniqueboutique =).  Check them out!

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Volume Without The Teasing!


Hey there!  A lot of girls have asked me what I do to get volume in my hair.  I used to tease mine to death until I realized one day that it was just breaking my hair and most of the time ended up looking unnatural and a bit of a rats nest at the end of the day/night.  I have also gotten to a point where I like the more natural look when it comes to hair.  Don’t get me wrong, pageant girl/prom hair is gorgeous for the occasion, just not an everyday/date night look (for me).  Because of this, I have pretty much done away with a flat iron and I pretty much just curl my hair with either hot rollers or a curling iron just once in between washes.  I never ever EVER tease my hair anymore.  I can’t stand what it does to my hair and can’t stand how it looks on me.  I teased for YEARS and I teased daily.  The hair gets knotted, you have to brush it out eventually which most likely is causing breakage AND not to mention your hair is probably breaking in the process of teasing.  If you are trying to grow your hair out I would just avoid it altogether.

Like with anything else, this may not work 100% on everyone’s hair.  So what’s is my hair like naturally?  My hair is thick – not overly thick and has quite a bit of body to it.  It’s not at all curly, however it is pretty wavy.  My hair does not curl naturally without using a curling iron.  However, I can curl my hair and it will pretty much hold for a long time unless it’s REALLY humid.  By really humid, I mean that my curls don’t fall unless I’m walking around outside in New Orleans.  If you have ever been there, you get my drift.  If I put a straightener to my hair, it gets board straight.  My hair is pretty versatile which is why I say that this may not work for the girls with the board straight hair that barely curls.  Sorry girlsss..

Below, I have placed a “Volume Without Teasing” tutorial to show you what I do daily to achieve a voluminous look without torturing my hair.  In the video below that one titled “Quick Volume”, I wanted to show you a really quick way to get volume back in your hair after it starts to fall while you are out during the day or on a hott date with your honey!

Steps To Volume Without Teasing:

Day 1 –

  1. After you shower, blow dry your hair upside down! You have to know this helps achieve a voluminous look by now.
  2. Put your favorite volumizing powder in your hair once it’s dry.  I use this product from Sally’s.
  3. Put in gigantic Velcro rollers.  Yes, the bigger the better!  You can purchase them pretty much anywhere.  I blow dry them for a few seconds.  The heat helps with the volume.  Leave them in about ~30 minutes.
  4. I take Velcro rollers out and run a curling iron through my hair. I skipped this in my tutorial because I already have a hair curling tutorial.
  5. Put in my hair extensions if I plan on wearing them that day.
  6. Before bed – I put my hair in a ponytail on top of my head, twist my hair, and wrap it into a bun around my ponytail holder.  You will see this in my tutorial.

Day 2 –

  1. Take my hair out of the bun, shake it out.
  2. I may put a few Velcro rollers in my hair and blowdry for just a second.
  3. Spray in my favorite dry shampoo.
  4. Put clip in hair extensions in and go!
  5. Before bed – Put hair back into bun like I did on Day 1.

Day 3 – Repeat Day 2

Here is a video that will help you visualize how I blow dry my hair, and what I do on Day 2 to get volume in my hair.


Here is a quick example of how I get volume back in my hair when I’m out and about during the day or at night.  I really just got a new video editing app on my phone and just wanted to use it ha!  This really is what I do though. =)

I hope this helps you find an alternative to teasing!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at or comment.  See ya!


Whitney =)