As a 31 year old busy mother of two, I usually need major help not looking completely WIPED OUT! One area where you can generally tell I’m exhausted are my eyes. I normally don’t get enough sleep, which leaves my eyes puffy. These cooling, firming Hydrogel Eye Maks have become a favorite of mine to liven my eyes up again in the mornings!

Pre-Makeup Hydrogel Eye Masks are designed to leave your eye area looking less-puffy and revitalized in just 10-15 minutes. Natural ingredients, like blueberry, raspberry and blackberry fruit extracts, impart an opulent, radiant glow, while they lock in moisture and supports skin’s firmness. Anti-aging peptides help give skin a lifted, tighter appearance. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin plump the look of skin, and humectants help to deliver intense hydration by attracting an retaining moisture from water in the air. Bye-bye dark circles.

Check out the link for more info:

Hydrogel Eye Masks

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