Life this past year at The Cornett house has been fun, interesting, different, and exciting.  We moved to a totally new area that we knew nothing about and did not know a single person.  We took on a new business opportunity that took a lot of prayer, faith, and trust for both of us to even consider.  We moved here with a quiet, stationary one year old who is now a very talkative, outgoing, active, lovable, and strong-willed little two year old!  Needless to say, it’s been a year, and a great one overall!

I wanted to blog about what has been going on because I know there are several families out there going through this, and it can be frustrating to think we are the only ones.  I also am writing about his because if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears =).

I grew up in a family of four.  There was my dad, mom, and little brother who is 21 months younger than me.  My brother and I have been close throughout our lives, and because of that I always wanted at least two children near the same age.  Without going into detail, my (menstrual) cycles have been irregular my whole life.  In fact, I went on birth control when I was REALLY young just to regulate me.  I had some cysts on my ovaries when I was younger, but nothing concerning to my health.  I did have doctors tell me that it MAY be difficult for me to get pregnant in the future, and that has always been in the back of my mind.  When Michael and I decided to start trying, it took no time at all!  At that time, we weren’t using any kind of app to track my cycle or anything.  It literally happened within 2 1/2 months and we were both shocked.  When I took that PG test, I felt like I was dreaming!  We were both ecstatic.  I had a fabulous pregnancy and delivery with zero problems.  A few hours after delivery, I told Michael I’m already ready for number 2!

When I became pregnant with MB, I literally was hoping for twins so that I knew they would be close in age.  I know you people with twins are probably thinking, “Is she crazy?”, but I did!  Twins didn’t happen, so I knew that I didn’t want to wait forever for #2.  Well, we moved, got a little settled in, and at the end of August of last year we decided to start trying again.  We weren’t and still aren’t where we wanted to be financially, but there’s no telling when the “right” time would be.  We knew we were going to try and have more children regardless, so might as well plan on cutting the budget for some things and make it work!  I was so excited and just knew it would happen quickly like it did the first time!  I even had a handy dandy app this time to help me track everything!  Well, a couple of months went by and nothing happened.  I was already starting to talk to my best friend about everything pretty much on a daily basis to get tips on what I should be eating, supplements I should be taking, etc… She has given me every piece of advice under the sun, but does always say, “Whitney, it just may not be what God has in store right this moment.”  So, around 6 months of trying I became down right frustrated.

Well a couple of months later, (8 months of trying) something weird happened with my cycle, and I called my doctor AGAIN thinking something was wrong with me.  I’m such a high-anxiety person, so I had all kinds crazy thoughts going through my head!  My doctor agreed that I should come in, so I did.   My family and I went in and they did an ultrasound to look at ovaries, and everything else.  Turns out, everything looks fine!  So, my doctor met with us about what else could possibly be going on.  She decided to do blood work and test my hormones to make sure everything looked good there, and it did.  My hormone levels are 100% normal.  We spoke with my doctor about my weight and how often I work out.  My husband has been concerned all along that I didn’t have enough body fat to sustain another human, and that maybe has been the issue the whole time.  The doctor recommended having a BMI of 20 to get pregnant and be able to keep the baby.  I do currently fall below that number.

Our plan now is to have me gain at least 5 lbs. or so to see if that helps.  I am also supposed to cut back on the intensity and frequency of my workouts.  The nurse and I spoke about fertility treatments, but I need to wait until around August to even begin.  I really do not want to go that route if I don’t have to because taking meds or artificial hormones is never a good idea for the body.  All-in-all, we now know I’m healthy, my immediate family is healthy, we were given the most perfect little baby boy that I could have ever dreamt about, and that is what is important.  I am working on what I CAN do to try and get pregnant, but if it’s not God’s will right now it will not happen.  I have always considered adoption, so if this continues then we will probably look closer into that down the road.

I saw the picture that I shared below because I saw it on social media and it just really hit home for me with this particular situation.  It just may be that what we “want” is not what is best for now for reasons unknown.  For now we are just going to continue to pray that it will happen when it is supposed to.  My husband and I have both gotten to where we don’t even talk about getting pregnant anymore, and I deleted my fertility tracking app.  I just wanted to share because I know others are dealing with this same issue, and it stinks.  So, any advice for us is welcome =).


A Little Something I Wanted To Share

5 thoughts on “A Little Something I Wanted To Share

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  2. Everything you’re feeling is completely normal. I agree with you… It’ll happen when it’s meant to & I totally wouldn’t rush fertility treatment. I find that a lot of it is all in our heads. Me & the hubby tried for a few months and finally I told myself that we are just going to have fun with it and when it happens it happens. Literally as soon as I quit worrying about it that’s when it happened. Having a few beers that weekend to loosen my mind may have helped too. Lol. Finding time to get your groove on is hard enough with another little one so I’m sure it makes actually trying for a #2 a little harder. I have had a few friends have trouble with this. I feel like for the most part it was them stressing about it that made it harder for them. For one friend it took 2 years, the other it took just over a year and for another person I know, they are going through fertility treatments but that’s with over 10 years of trying. I hope everything works out for the best for yall!



    • Everything you are saying is true and I truly do appreciate the sweet message! If I could get my reproductive system to normalize in other ways, it may actually happen for us LOL. The docs don’t know what is going on and won’t do anymore testing for another few months, so we will just have to wait patiently I suppose =). I hope you are having so much fun with that pretty baby! I know you are =)


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