It has taken every single ounce of courage in my body to upload this video. Maybe it’s pride? I don’t know. I felt led to share with the small platform that I do have in hopes of encouraging somebody else who may be struggling. You haven’t seen me talk about this much on social media, and you probably won’t ever again. In fact, I don’t talk about this in person to anyone other than my husband, parents, mother-in-law, and brother. (So don’t try! 😂) Haha no, it’s just something I’m not really willing to re-visit unless it can help someone else. You know? However, if you are someone who feels they can relate but you don’t have the courage to find help, I am here 💜.



As a 31 year old busy mother of two, I usually need major help not looking completely WIPED OUT! One area where you can generally tell I’m exhausted are my eyes. I normally don’t get enough sleep, which leaves my eyes puffy. These cooling, firming Hydrogel Eye Maks have become a favorite of mine to liven my eyes up again in the mornings!

Pre-Makeup Hydrogel Eye Masks are designed to leave your eye area looking less-puffy and revitalized in just 10-15 minutes. Natural ingredients, like blueberry, raspberry and blackberry fruit extracts, impart an opulent, radiant glow, while they lock in moisture and supports skin’s firmness. Anti-aging peptides help give skin a lifted, tighter appearance. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin plump the look of skin, and humectants help to deliver intense hydration by attracting an retaining moisture from water in the air. Bye-bye dark circles.

Check out the link for more info:

Hydrogel Eye Masks

Hey Beautiful!

I wanted to start by saying that I truly hope you have had a wonderful weekend. My weekends are always great because I have my hubby home to hang out with us!

Anyhow, this video has been requested a lot so I figured I would go for it and make a video about my hair products and tools that I have been using religiously for awhile now. I hope you like it! If you have any questions or comments, you know what to do 😉.

My Favorite Hair Products & Tools

Hey guys! So, I’m all about people trying to get healthy through whatever means it takes. Most people do better with guidance and/or motivation by other people. This subscription can get you on the right track. Trainer Tote was started by Emily Ruffino, a Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor of Science degree focusing on Nutrition. Emily has over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, Emily Ruffino designed Trainer Tote with you in mind. Before becoming a full-time mom, Emily was a Personal & Group Trainer, Fitness Director, & owner of her own wellness company. After working with hundreds of clients to successfully reached their fitness goal, she’s using her knowledge and experience to help thousands.

Trainer tote is a monthly subscription box that includes: new workouts with new workout equipment included, menus, recipes, and access to her Facebook accountability group where she teaches seminars an has coaching sessions, Q&A’s and MORE! Healthy snacks are also included in each box!

I’m excited to try my May Trainer Tote box and will be able to show you throughout the month the benefits of subscribing! You can view my video below to see what all came in my May box! To get your own box, use code: STUNNINGLYSOUTHERN5 and receive $5 off your box! Be sure to follow @TrainerTote on Instagram and see her website:

Trainer Tote

Red lips will forever be my personal favorite. I love pairing them with a simple OR completely smoked out eye. With my lips, red has always looked best and has always been a game changer as far as my look goes.

Check out this Kismet Cosmetics red lip in the color BURNOUT. It’s a semi-matte that is absolutely stunning. It’s all natural. Paraben-Free. Phthalate-Free. Cruelty-Free. USA Made.


So, I absolutely love this nude lip. I love wearing a nude lipstick with a bold eye. I actually did that today, but have sunglasses on in this pic so you can’t see them! (Sorry).. This is a gorgeous lip color to wear in a soft look like for a wedding or honeymoon. You can also wear it for an edgier look by going extremely bold on the eyes, and balancing out with this nude lip.

Let me know what you think about this color! Shop this lipstick here:

A Great Nude Lippie

I love using a liquid illuminator underneath AND on top of my foundation to achieve a hydrated, dewy look. In my opinion, it helps give off a youthful glow! For this look, I used the Kismet Cosmetics Liquid Illuminator in Goldie. There are other shades in this to match your skin color!

A Liquid Illuminator is a must-have in your makeup bag. This one is perfect because it is small, concentrated, and will last you forever! It’s definitely a bang for your buck. View video below to see a quick tutorial!


Liquid Illuminator in Goldie

I wore this lipstick on a date night out in Panama City Beach, Florida with my husband and got such wonderful compliments while out! This is a gorgeous color – especially right now. Lighter shades of coral always remind me of spring!

This is a semi-matte lipstick, so it’s soft, and somewhat glossy without being like a laquer (super shiny). It’s soft on the lips so you don’t need a gloss and it’s not drying at all.  It’s also not super loud, so it’s perfect for everyday use OR on a date night with the girls or your main guy. This lipstick is in the shade Crushed Coral and it’s made by Kismet Cosmetics.


Crushed Coral Lipstick